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Sara and her partner have been together for a while now and they are bickering more than usual. She feels like their “honeymoon phase” is long gone and the spark that was once there has vanished. Sara thinks that her partner doesn’t make the time for her like they used to and she can’t remember the last time they went on a proper date. Some days are harder than others and she’s starting to question her ability to make it through this rough patch but knows her love for her partner is still there.

Relationships are a lot like houses: without a good foundation, they’ll crumble. When a light bulb goes out, you don’t buy a new house, you change the bulb. When the faucet drips, you don’t start mopping the floor before you fix the leak. In other words, no matter how much digging it takes, it’s important to get to the root of a problem. –Christina Lauren

Do you feel like there’s a lot of tension in your relationship right now, similarly to Sara? Do you feel like every time you go to communicate with your partner, it ends up in an argument? Just like most things in life, relationships require a lot of work and patience. How couples choose to respond to situations of pressure can determine how well they can work together. Thriveworks Troy Counseling has couples therapists who are trained and ready to help you work through your issues and get back to a better mental state. You can call our office (248) 764-4182 if you would like to take the next step in mending your relationship.

Who Can Benefit from Working with an Oakland Couples Therapist?

As we said before, all relationships can benefit from the help of a couples counselor. Whether you are in a new relationship, recently engaged, or have been married for over ten years, you could strengthen the bond with your partner with the aid of a couples therapist. Once you decide to meet with a therapist, you will be asked about the needs, wants, and goals of your relationship. This will help determine the appropriate plan of action for you and your partner. Some conflicts and events that we can help you conquer include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor communication
  • Financial issues
  • Decrease in intimacy or connection
  • Jealousy
  • Resentfulness
  • Different views on important issues
  • An affair and infidelity
  • Frustration

These are just some of the examples of the conflicts that you and your partner may be dealing with. However, you can also benefit from working with a couples therapist even if you aren’t sure of what the issue may be. The goal is to tackle what you are going through as a team and deepen your connection together. You both have to be willing and ready to learn and grow together. Your counselor will be able to guide you in achieving these goals.

The Perks of Couples Therapy

Once you decide to pursue couples therapy, a Thriveworks Troy Counseling therapist in Oakland County will work with you and your partner to accurately assess what tools and skills will help you in the future. A customized plan will be created for you to take in and use well into the future. Our goal is to help you both maintain a happy, healthy relationship. Here are just a few examples of what you can benefit from in therapy:

  1. Turn thoughts into action: Just talking about the issues at hand won’t necessarily always resolve the problem. It’s important to learn how to enact change by turning your thoughts into actions. Your therapist will help you achieve this through exercises and giving you the tools you need.
  2. Improve overall communication: Sometimes it’s hard to tell your partner how you feel without getting flustered. It’s also hard to tell how your partner prefers to communicate! Don’t worry, your counselor will know how to help you build effective communication skills.
  3. Don’t place blame: It’s easy to point the finger when something goes wrong. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is crucial when building trust in your relationship. Instead of accusing your partner of doing or saying something, you’ll learn how to better express what your feeling without placing blame.
  4. Remember the good: When times get tough, it’s easy to forget why you are with your partner in the first place. Slowing down and taking the time to acknowledge all of the positive reasons why you are with your partner will allow you to build a stronger connection and friendship.

These strategies are just a few of the ways you can benefit from seeking the help of a couples therapist. Our counselors are well-equipped to help you take your challenges face on and come out feeling happier and healthier.

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Are you ready to take the next step and begin your journey with couples therapy? Awesome! We are here and ready to help with open arms. As you and your partner take this next step, remember that you are on the same team. Feelings of nervousness are normal. Your therapist’s goal is to help you both in a judgment-free zone.

When you are ready to schedule, you can book your appointment online or by calling our office at (248) 764-4182 where you’ll be connected with a scheduling specialist. We offer next-day appointments for those who are eager and ready to start as soon as possible. In addition, we offer weekend appointments to help you and your partner pick a time that works best with both of your schedules. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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