Depression Therapists in Troy, MI—Oakland Counseling for Depression

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Depression Therapists in Troy, MI—Oakland Counseling for Depression

Feelings of hopelessness. A lack of motivation. Disinterest. Disconnect. Exhaustion. This is a mere glimpse at what it’s like to be depressed. Depression, in a nutshell, is a ruthless mental health condition. It can strike without a moment’s notice or develop over a gradual period of time. Depression comes with a persistent feeling of sadness or despair and a lack of interest in day to day living.

If one of your friends or family members were feeling this way, you’d want them to find the right help. This might mean leaning on you for support at times, but it’ll likely involve working closely with a mental health professional, such as a depression therapist. The reality is that we can try to help others who are experiencing symptoms of depression, but true healing will come with the intervention of a professional.

I found that with depression, one of the most important things you can realize is that you’re not alone. You’re not the first to go through it, you’re not gonna be the last to go through it. –Dwayne Johnson

Depression therapy is designed to help people work through their depression symptoms, understand any potential causes, and get back to living as their true selves. The depression therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Troy Counseling in Oakland County are qualified to provide this help. They know that you might be feeling hopeless right now, but they also know that they can help you work through this difficult feeling as well as the other harmful symptoms you are battling. So, consider reaching out. We’re here, and we’re ready to get started when you are. Just call our Thriveworks Troy Counseling office to get started.

Depression Symptoms: What Does It Feel Like to Be Depressed?

We started to detail what it feels like to be depressed, but depression isn’t just mental and emotional—it’s often physical too. In addition to the feelings of hopelessness, lack of motivation, disinterest, disconnect, exhaustion, depression can make sleeping difficult; it can cause you to lose your appetite and weight; it can cause stomach aches and other physical pains. Here is a more comprehensive list of the symptoms you might experience if you’re depressed:

  • A feeling of sadness or despair that doesn’t go away
  • Loss of interest in day to day life
  • Sleeping difficulties, such as insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Appetite and weight changes
  • Withdrawal from others
  • Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss of focus
  • Moodiness
  • Social isolation and loneliness
  • Fatigue
  • Suicidal thoughts

The exact presentation of depression can vary from one individual to the next. For example, one person might struggle the most with a lack of focus, withdrawal from others, and feelings of hopelessness. Another individual might struggle more with a low self-esteem, fatigue, and moodiness.

Now, if you are exhibiting the first two symptoms—a feeling of sadness or despair that persists and a loss of interest in life—and several others on this list, you might be depressed. So, be sure to talk to a mental health professional, such as a depression therapist, to put together a plan for managing this illness and moving forward.

How Can a Thriveworks Troy Depression Therapist Help Me?

The depression therapists at Thriveworks Troy in Oakland County have worked hard to complete the necessary training and acquire the right experience to help people who are feeling depressed. They can help people with mild depression, major depression, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, and other depressive disorders too. They will do everything they can to help and support you, regardless of which type of depression you’re dealing with.

Now, that isn’t to say the specifics aren’t important. In fact, your Thriveworks Troy depression therapist will want to know about your specific symptoms, so that they can customize your treatment plan. They’ll be sure to come up with a plan that is designed to help your specific presentation of depression.

Schedule a Depression Therapy Session at Thriveworks Troy Counseling

Thriveworks Troy Counseling is working toward an important mission: We’re working to help the individuals of Oakland County live happy, successful lives. This might involve working through issues in one’s relationship; it might mean supporting one through grief and loss; it might mean helping someone better manage their stress; or it might mean helping someone work through their depression.

If you feel depressed, please consider reaching out to a professional, be it a depression therapist, a psychologist, or another mental health provider. Thriveworks Troy Counseling has depression therapists, counselors, and psychologists who would be honored to help you.

To schedule a depression therapy session at Thriveworks Troy Counseling, call our office. We’ll be here, and we’ll be ready to help.

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