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After two years of dating, Max and Erin have gotten engaged. They’re elated to be starting this new chapter in their life and they’ve been busy planning their dream wedding for the following year.

As a few weeks tick by, Max begins to grow anxious. Marriage is a huge commitment emotionally and financially, and while Max has always been the one to seek out deals and hunt for the best prices, Erin has always been an impulsive spender and lover of elaborate gifts.

As the price of the wedding grows, Max becomes more and more nervous about the ballooning costs. Finally, he brings up his concerns to Erin. The couple disagrees on how to create an affordable, fun wedding that stays within their agreed-upon budget.

Following weeks of heated debates, they decide to seek premarital counseling. After sitting down with a marriage counselor, the couple learns that finances aren’t their only pain points. They unpack a history of miscommunication, feelings of inadequacy, and distrust.

With the help of their counselor, they’re able to hone in on their challenges and work together to create a plan that addresses both of their concerns. They come to a mutual understanding of their differences and agree to become active listeners.

Months later, they say their vows confidently in front of family and friends at a wedding they’ve priced just right. They feel secure in the knowledge that they are actively working through the problems in their relationship, and their future seems bright and endless.

When people think of marriage counseling, they often think of infidelity, complications with sex, and jealousy. While all of these challenges are valid reasons to seek couples and marriage counseling, they’re not the only reasons. Counseling can include preemptive measures, such as addressing concerns before entering into marriage or a committed relationship.

If you’d like to learn about how a couples or marriage counselor can make a positive impact in your relationship, consider contacting a professional at Thriveworks Counseling in Tempe, AZ. Whether you’re a newer couple just getting started or a seasoned couple with years together, counseling can be a transformative experience.

Common Reasons To Speak With a Couples Counselor

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons couples seek counseling to improve their relationship. Some of these reasons include:

  • Communication problems
  • Opposing views (on parenting, politics, or other topics)
  • Infidelity
  • Trust issues
  • Premarital arguments
  • Financial complications
  • Intimacy issues

No matter the reason, marriage and family therapy should be sought with an open mind and honest intentions. By design, this form of counseling requires teamwork and acceptance of personal responsibility.

If you believe your relationship could benefit from couples counseling or marriage and family therapy, please reach out to us at Thriveworks Counseling in Tempe, AZ. We’re committed to helping you move forward in your relationship.

The Benefits of Relationship Counseling

A couples therapist will work with you and your partner to create a safe space to discuss your relationship. During therapy sessions, your counselor will address your specific concerns and create a plan that works to improve those concerns.

The benefits of couples counseling are plentiful. They can include:

  • Teaching involved parties the benefit of active listening and cooperation
  • Promoting self-care practices that improve mental health
  • Identifying relationship challenges before they become bigger problems
  • Building a sense of trust between partners
  • Preparing for the future with careful planning

The above-mentioned benefits are just a few of the positives of attending therapy sessions. Our licensed marriage and family therapists in Tempe, AZ, are here to help you resolve these and any other relationship concerns you may have.

Couples Therapy Appointments at Thriveworks in Tempe, AZ

Deciding to seek couples counseling is a major step in strengthening your relationship. Whether you’ve just begun dating, recently entered into marriage, or have been married for some time, the benefits of counseling cannot be ignored.

When you work with a counselor at Thriveworks, you’ll receive attentive care and a compassionate ear. New clients can often make an appointment to be seen in as little as 24 to 48 hours after reaching out.

To accommodate your schedule, we offer online counseling via phone and video and offices that open early and close late. Many different insurance providers are accepted, and evening and weekend sessions are available.

Healthy relationships can play a role in our mental health and well-being. Relationships take time, commitment, and energy to thrive. But the benefits of that hard work reverberates through all areas of your life. If you feel like your relationship has room for improvement or continued growth, do not hesitate to reach out to our counselors at Thriveworks in Tempe, AZ. Give us a call today!

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