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Think for a moment about what it takes to support an individual’s overall well-being. For many people, they work with an athletic trainer at their gym to take care of their body and grow stronger physically. Many people have a primary care physician whom they see for preventative care and when they are sick or injured. Many people work with a nutritionist at some point in their lives to find a diet that fuels their body. A few decades ago, the list probably would have stopped there. However, more and more, people are including a mental health professional on that list. The stigma that once clouded over therapy, counseling, and life coaching is lifting, and many people are now experiencing the benefits of prioritizing their mental health. For many, they are seeing an overall benefit to their well-being.

“Mental health can be just as important as physical health.”
—Physician and author, Michael Greger

The professionals at Thriveworks San Francisco agree. For many people, mental health care has been transforming and brought untold benefits to their lives. While working with a counselor, therapist, or life coach, many people have learned to manage their symptoms and prioritize their own life goals.

Guidance and Support for Life’s Challenges

Once people think they have a routine down, life inevitably throws a curveball. There are always twists and turns, highs and lows. Think about the following scenarios:

  • After a big relocation, your teens are having difficulty adjusting. They are great kids, and they are normally kind, hard-working, and thoughtful. However, since the move, they have been fighting all the time. Nothing you do has cheered them up. You are not sure what to do next.
  • You and your boyfriend have been dating for several years now. The relationship has been so good for you, and it has been slowly progressing. You’ve met each other’s families, and living together has gone relatively smoothly. Now, he is talking about marriage. You are excited, but that is a big step.
  • In a tragic accident, your dear friend passed away without warning and far too soon. On a dime, life changed. Some days, you cannot stop crying. There may not be enough tears in the world to sustain this kind of pain. When you do get out of bed and face the day, accomplishing even the smallest task takes tremendous effort. Will life always be like this?
  • You know this is not good for you, but you cannot stop. What started as an occasional stress reliever is now a daily compulsion. You want to stop, or at least curb it, but you have tried. Any ground you gain is inevitably lost within a few days. Is this an addiction?
  • You genuinely enjoy your current job. You like your boss and coworkers. You are able to complete your tasks. This is a good fit for you and for now. But will it be a good fit in three years? Or five? And where would you even begin if you wanted to advance?

Perhaps these scenarios resonate with your experience. Perhaps the challenges you are facing are different. Imagine what it would be like to have a mental health professional guiding you as you navigate that difficulty. Many people are leaning upon a life coach, counselor, or therapist for the guidance and support they need.

What Is Mental Health Care?

Just with physical health care, the patient and the challenge often determine what treatments are provided. A patient dealing with diabetes will need significantly different interventions than someone with a broken foot. Similarly, clients who have experienced domestic violence may need different interventions than those who are battling Bipolar.

In general, here are just three examples of what therapy may include…

  1. When clients have set career or personal goals that they want to attain, their coaching may look like self-discovery. They may work with a therapist to gain a firm understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, their opportunities and options, their liabilities and assets. Then, they can make a plan based upon reality.
  2. When clients want to rid themselves of an addiction or compulsive behavior, their therapy may focus upon forming firm attachments, healthy coping skills, and accountability. Therapists may explore why and how the behavior began and help their clients find different ways to heal.
  3. When clients are plagued by a mental illness, like Panic Disorder, or by trauma, their therapy may focus upon safety and healing. Therapists may help these clients manage their symptoms with medication and/or coping skills. As trust develops within the therapeutic relationship, the therapist and client may be able to identify the deep wounds within the client’s life and apply deep healing.

Making an Appointment for Mental Health Care at Thriveworks San Francisco

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