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Faith is a very important component of life and an overwhelming majority of people identify with a particular faith. We understand that you may want or need to talk about spiritual and religious issues in your life. We are here to listen. We understand that your beliefs could create both great joy, and even great turmoil. We are here to help you make sense of it all.

We also understand that you may want someone who shares your same beliefs. It’s also essential to trust your counselor. Sometimes that means connecting with them in terms of their belief system. Many times, it means you share the same worldview and values and this can be important when working with a counselor whom you want to trust. It can also help in treatment.

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling is about addressing your life issues in relation to your faith. Christian counseling is also when a counselor integrates biblical truths and insights into clinical practice to help minister to hurting people. This is in addition to using the traditional psychological theories of intervention of this world. Christian counselors believe that the word of God was inspired by the Holy Spirit and is a trustworthy source of guidance and direction. They believe that the bible can be a resource used for teaching and correcting and can be invaluable source of inspiration and instruction that brings powerful healing. It can be an anchor in an ever ending ocean of change.

However, it is important to understand that Christian counseling is different from pastoral counseling often provided by a clergy. It requires a different kind of training. It is not our job to evangelize or push our interpretation of the bible on you. In some cases, we may encourage you and can help you to get connected to a spiritual leader, whether that be a pastor, priest or other type of clergy. In fact, this may be the most effective person for the particular needs that you may have.

How Can Christian Counseling Help?

Spirituality and religion are often, unfortunately, a taboo topic that people are afraid to talk about. However, this is unfortunate because this subject is often an “untapped resource” for healing. Research has shown spirituality and religion to have numerous health benefits such as giving hope, increasing coping skills, as well increasing emotional and physical health, and boosting family relationships. It is also a protective factor for adolescence in decreasing delinquency, substance use, and sexual activity. It can help with increasing self-regulations skills and moral reasoning. It can even impact educational and behavioral success at school.
There is power in believing in something greater than yourself and time and time again, research has shown that spirituality and religion have sociological, psychological, and biological benefits. The field of neuroscience is even finding that spirituality and religion can change your brain.

However, unfortunately, religion can also be a negative factor as well. It can be a source of guilt, shame, and doubt as well as source of oppression, hate, and terror. All of which may be a reason to talk with a trusted counselor.

We can help you tap into this untapped resource. We can help by giving you an opportunity to talk about and understand your beliefs and how your beliefs shape who you are and impact your thoughts, feelings, actions, and decisions that you make in life. We can help you get connected with your spiritual or religious community for support, use rituals such as prayer, scripture reading, and/or mindfulness to increase your faith and unlock power in your life, as well as help you to use the power of forgiveness.

What If I am Not a Christian?

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey you are welcome at Thriveworks Reading-Wyomissing. It’s ok if you are not a Christian. We still believe that spirituality and religion are powerful entities in your life and you can still utilize many of the benefits. Our counselors are nonjudgmental and will never force their beliefs upon you. Anyone is welcome at Thriveworks-Reading!

We want to hear from you and want you to feel comfortable to share any beliefs that you may have. In fact whatever faith you may be (Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, or just plain spiritual, we will still be well equipped to talk to you about your life in relation to your faith from a place of mutual respect; even if the clinician does not share your world view. Our counselors are also of different faiths, so we may be able to help you find the particular one for you that shares your same belief system and values if you should so desire. Call us and find out.

How Can Thriveworks-Reading/Wyomissing Help?

At Thriveworks Reading-Wyomissing, we understand that faith plays a vital role in the healing of emotional, physical, and behavioral problems and pain. We want to empower you to overcome trials and tribulations in your life. Sometimes integrating your faith into treatment is the best course of action. Counselors understand that there are biological, psychological, and social factors that are at play in your life. We also understand that there are spiritual ones as well and this is a more holistic approach to care. Call a Thriveworks-Reading-Wyomissing counselor and we will find the right counselor for you! We believe that anyone can benefit from counseling and coaching no matter what religion, age, gender, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic class you may be! Let’s start thriving!

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