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Great coaches know exactly how to inspire their team. Think of Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights. His famous inspirational speeches inspired his players and his audiences when he would pull them into the huddle and say things like, “Listen to me. I said you need to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.” Like many other coaches, Eric Taylor demanded the best from his players, and that is exactly what he got. He inspired. He challenged. He pushed. He encouraged. And his players responded. When they reached their goal, they all felt the satisfaction of success, and Coach Taylor acknowledged, “I am in awe in each and every one of you gentlemen.” What would it be like if someone like Coach Taylor were in your life, not coaching you on the football field, but coaching you in your personal and professional life? Many people want the inspiration and accountability of someone like Coach Taylor, and they are working with a life coach to achieve it.

Coaches are not for the football field. There are many reasons that people work with a life coach, but two of the more common reasons are that…

  1. They have a personal or professional goal they want to achieve. Life coaches are experts at helping people reach their full potential. Whether that goal is reaching the next rung on the career ladder, finding a happy, healthy, committed relationship, or planning a life transition, life coaches may be able to help. Reaching difficult goals is a challenge, and having an ally can make all the difference in achieving a dream.
  2. They are experiencing an unanticipated challenge. Life throws people for a loop, and what is normal one moment can be gone in an instant. Words like “lay-offs,” “affair,” or “cancer” can change life on a dime. Life coaches can often help people navigate new challenges that they never expected. What is the best approach to job searching after a lay-off? How do you date as a single parent? What does it look like to ask for support during treatment, knowing you cannot return the help? No one has to answer these questions alone. Life coaches often can help.

Most people have dreams and hopes. Most people experience unanticipated challenges. Most people would love to have support, accountability, and encouragement while facing those circumstances. That is why Thriveworks Oklahoma City provides life coaching.

Self-Awareness and Success

Life coaches often help their clients increase their self-awareness. Every person will define what success looks like for them, and this definition of success should rest upon their values. Sometimes, people can clearly articulate their personal priorities, but often, they cannot. It is normal to need help clarifying and defining values and success. Increasing self-awareness can often help.

For certain people, their values define success as signing up for an online dating service and taking a chance to find love. For certain people, their values define success as focusing their attention upon getting a promotion at their job. For certain people, success looks like asking for help as they enter a difficult seasons. Success is a personal and unique choices. Success requires that people understand who they are, where they are going, what they need, and when/how to ask for it. That is, success requires self-awareness. When people clearly define the target they are aiming at, they often hit it.

There are a number of techniques that life coaches use to boost their clients’ self-awareness. One is called The Miracle Question. This question is designed to highlight people’s needs, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, and values. It does so by asking clients to ignore reality and dream for a few minutes. The basic miracle question asked, “if you woke up tomorrow and every problem in your life were solved, what would your life be like?” Of course, this never happens, but how people answer reveals important information. Life coaches can often translate this information into action steps for the client.

Setting Goals and Life Coaching

When people know who they are, they can set goals for their lives that align with their values. The research on goal setting is clear: people who set appropriate goals are often more successful and happier. Setting a goal can be a challenge, but it is worth the effort. There are many ways that goals help people. For example, they can help people…

  1. Cut down on distractions so that people can put their time and energy toward what they care about most.
  2. Take important actions steps.
  3. Align their priorities with their actions.
  4. Exercise their self-control.
  5. Overcome challenges, setbacks, and difficulty.

Working with a Thriveworks Oklahoma City Life Coach

If you want to meet with a life coach, consider working with one from Thriveworks Oklahoma City. Our life coaches are caring, experienced, and skilled. They are also certified mental health counselors. They accept many forms of insurance, and they offer weekend and evening sessions. Thriveworks Oklahoma City also frequently makes its new clients an appointment within 24 hours of their first call. Our office, however, does not keep a waitlist. Instead, we hope that all our clients receive the coaching they need when they need it. Let’s work together. Call Thriveworks Oklahoma City for an appointment to meet with a life coach.

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