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Connecting with Hope

Every day, millions of couples meet and connect, starting a journey they hope will last a lifetime. Like you, these couples look forward to the happiness their relationship can bring. Your relationship may have started with a simple shared glance at a party, a spark that helped the two of you feel something that led to a deeper connection. Or your relationship may have taken more time, beginning as a simple friendship built on mutual respect and concern, but growing deeper as you and your partner lean more on one another.

No matter how your relationship began, the goal is generally the same, to find someone to share your happiness and joy. To gain the support and trust of a partner who you can, in turn, build up. Sometimes these goals seem to come with ease, achievements gained just from spending time with your partner. The two of you seem to easily meld together as you walk life’s journey. However, no relationship is immune from the stresses and struggles of life.

Facing Relationship Struggles

The number of attacks on modern relationships seems almost unlimited. There may have been a past divorce that weakens your relationship with your partner. You may be trying to rebuild trust after discovering secrets your partner should have shared. You and your partner may be struggling to find ways to understand one another without having the conversation devolve into frustration. Any number of issues can arise over the course of a relationship. And these issues can crop up with almost anyone, no matter how long you’ve been together.

At times these challenges may make it seem like your relationship is beyond repair, that the only alternative to living with an unhealthy relationship is breaking up. When your relationship with your partner isn’t working, it can cause an enormous amount of pain.

If you live in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area, you can reach out to our couples counselors and therapists for support. Thriveworks Oklahoma relationship professionals are familiar with the challenges you might face and can offer help. As we talk with you, we can provide you with alternatives for your relationship.

Support is Available

When you’re struggling in your relationship, Thriveworks Oklahoma City wants you to know you don’t have to face your challenges alone. We have educated and experienced professionals who care about you and your relationship. As we work with you, we can provide assistance to allow you to make your relationship better.

Our marriage therapists and couples counselors are available to provide support that can help you identify the issues in your relationship. Once you know what you’re facing, we can help you determine the best way for you to address each challenge. As you overcome each obstacle, you’re one step closer to transforming your relationship from a point of stress in your life to a place where you can find peace and joy.

Start Counseling Today

No matter the current state of your relationship, seeking help is good first step. By asking for help you’re not admitting defeat, you’re simply stating that your relationship is important to you. Contact Thriveworks Oklahoma to talk with a counselor or therapist and learn how we can assist you.
You can begin by scheduling an appointment with a Thriveworks therapist in Oklahoma City.

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