Treatment For Depression at Thriveworks in Noblesville, IN

Treatment For Depression at Thriveworks in Noblesville, IN

We often don’t realize how easily the word “depression” is thrown around. Many people will state that they’re depressed when their favorite sports team loses, or when something minorly irritating happens to them. All sorts of situations can be irksome, or frustrating, even sad. But the truth is that real depression is a lot different. 

For some, depression can be like an insurmountable wave on the ocean; smooth sailing for a period until bouts of sadness and apathy come crashing down, holding them under. And considering the stigma surrounding mental health disorders, many who are struggling with serious conditions like depression feel obligated to go without the help they need. But feelings of guilt don’t have to hold anyone back from finding relief. 

At Thriveworks in Noblesville, IN, we help everyday people find the breathing room and personal growth that’s necessary to cope with and mitigate depression and other disorders. Our providers are licensed mental health professionals, whose number one priority is the wellbeing of their clients. If depression is holding you down, we want to partner you with a provider that can help. 

Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Noblesville, IN

While common perceptions of depression usually paint the disorder as a constant feeling of sadness, depression varies quite a bit from person to person. Still, there are some common signs and symptoms that might be helpful indicators of depression, such as:

  • Mood swings that take you from elation to hopelessness
  • Extended periods of apathy or hopelessness
  • Lack of interest in sex or romantic relationships 
  • Fatigue or insomnia 
  • Under or overeating to cope with difficult emotions 

Though these symptoms can be commonplace, you must never try to diagnose yourself with any mental health disorder or condition, including depression. The only way to do so is with the assistance of a licensed mental health professional, like the psychologists and psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Noblesville, IN. Both types of providers can help you manage symptoms of your depression but in different ways. 

Psychologists help those with depression by: 

  • Using talk and behavioral therapy to implement coping strategies for clients 
  • Creating a professional connection with their client to better understand their depression 
  • Serving as a verbal and emotional outlet for those burdened by this mood disorder

Psychiatrists, on the other hand, are: 

  • Medical doctors who are licensed to conduct therapy sessions 
  • Use a blend of helpful prescription medicine and therapy as needed to assist people 
  • Often a better option for those with more severe cases of depression or others

Regardless of the provider type that you’re paired with, your depression won’t be a solo burden any longer. With professional assistance, you can develop new ways to cope with depression and develop a more positive life outlook. 

Different Types of Depression

As a mood disorder that manifests in many different ways depending on the person affected, it’s not surprising that depression is an umbrella term for several interconnected mood disorders. Though there are numerous varieties, our providers at Thriveworks in Noblesville commonly treat: 

  • Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder can cause depression when the mood swings that it causes fluctuate. Those with bipolar disorder may feel extremely happy for a minute, and furious or dejected in the next.
  • Major depression: This disorder causes emotional detachment, sadness, hopelessness, and apathy. Those who suffer from major depression may become socially isolated, further exacerbating their condition. It’s what most people think of when they hear the word “depression”.
  • Minor depression: As the name implies, this is less severe than major depression but just as harmful. Because those with this disorder may go long periods without feeling depressed, identifying what’s triggering their sadness can be difficult for those with minor depression.
  • Postpartum depression: Postpartum depression affects women who’ve given birth; those who underwent caesarian sections or had a miscarriage are at higher risk. This disorder can onset immediately or months after childbirth. 

And if the form of depression that you’re experiencing doesn’t appear in the list above, don’t panic. Depression can present in a hundred different ways —  connect with one of our psychologists or psychiatrists and get an expert’s feedback and guidance on the issues bothering you. 

Schedule Therapy For Depression with Thriveworks in Noblesville, IN

Depression doesn’t have to call the shots in your life—reaching out to a mental health professional at our Noblesville location could provide you with the relief you’ve been seeking. Our scheduling specialists are available seven days a week to help you find the right provider and appointment time. They’ll even assist you with setting up your insurance to cover any costs. 

As a mood disorder that can manifest quite differently depending on the individual, it’s better to take the proactive step and treat depression with professional guidance. At Thriveworks in Noblesville, IN, we’d like to help you improve or manage your mental health. If treating your depression with a mental health professional’s assistance interests you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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