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Addiction is a bigger problem than many people realize. Consider the following: More than 20 million Americans (over the age of 12) struggle with a serious drug or alcohol addiction. These people abuse substances on a regular basis, from alcohol to marijuana, prescription medication, and other drugs. Another big problem that many people fail to understand is that addiction is a mental health problem that needs treatment.

“Mental health affects us all, whether you suffer yourself or interact with others who do. Educate yourself, express empathy, get help, and speak out against the stigma so we can have a more mindful, kind, and better world.” –Dan Schawbel

The good news is, though, that once you realize you need help, there is help available. A mental health professional can help you take back your life, whether you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, marijuana, or another drug/substance. The dedicated mission at Thriveworks is to help people live overall healthier, happier, and more successful lives. Work with an addiction counselor at Thriveworks Midlothian can prove valuable to bettering your life and livelihood.

Do I Have a Problem? Am I Addicted?

If you have a substance abuse problem, the sooner you realize and address it the better. But first, you must know the signs of a substance use problem. The following characterize substance abuse:

  • Using a substance for a longer period of time, or in larger amounts than intended
  • Spending copious amounts of time obtaining and using the substance
  • Ongoing cravings to use the substance
  • Failure to keep up with responsibilities at work or school
  • Absence at significant events due to substance use
  • Continued use even when it endangers one’s life
  • Increasing need for larger quantities to obtain desired result
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using

Did the above descriptions hit a little close to him? Are you experiencing any of these symptoms right now? You might have a substance use problem. Say you’ve already known you have a problem; you just didn’t want to admit it—that’s okay. It’s never to late to admit you need help and seek the treatment you need.

What Causes Addiction?

Understanding what triggered your addiction or your addictive behavior is important to the healing process, as you need to address the underlying issue. The tricky part is that there are different causes of addiction or different events that led to your drying the drug in the first place, from mere boredom to stress relief. Let’s delve into a few causes below:

  1. Stress relief

A common reason people turn to drugs is an attempt at stress relief. That said, turning to drugs for stress relief is not the answer. There are healthy ways to cope, though, including exercising, venting to a friend, and taking mental health days to revive yourself when you need to. Your counselor can help you determine healthier coping mechanisms that will best benefit you.

  1. Genetics or learned behavior

Those with family members who have suffered from addiction or a substance use disorder before are at an increased risk of struggling with addiction themselves. This is due to genetics and/or learned behavior. In the former case, the disease is inherited, and in the latter case, the individual develops the same habits they observe in the affected family member. Even in this instance, a mental health professional can help you manage your addiction and unhealthy behaviors.

  1. Depression (or another mental illness)

Depression is another common cause of addiction and substance use problems and exemplifies how one mental illness can lead to another. These individuals turn to drugs or alcohol to escape or cope with their depression (just like those running from stress). They might even abuse a drug they were prescribed for their illness. A counselor or therapist can help these individuals better manage their depression as well as their addiction.

See an Addiction Counselor at Thriveworks Midlothian

If you are struggling for addiction, or you think you’re at risk of developing a substance abuse problem, consider working with a counselor or therapist at Thriveworks Midlothian. Give us a call, and a scheduling specialist will set you up with a provider who has the proper skills and experience to best help you.

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