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Kevin lost his father last year. His death was sudden. One moment, Kevin had his father, the next moment, he didn’t. Kevin now thinks and talks about his dad constantly. He tries to talk about other things, but Kevin always finds his way quickly to the same stories. Sometimes, Kevin feels like his dad is in the room with him, talking to him. Recently, he has had a hard time sleeping and focusing. Kevin keeps thinking about all the things he and his father should be doing together.

Sarah was recently laid off after working for her company for over 15 years. She was good at her job, but the company was going in a different direction. Sarah spends her days either frantically looking for a new job or she binge watching Netflix all day. She misses her coworkers and wonders how they are doing. She also feels angry. Sarah has never felt this angry before and it scares her. Every day, she wonders if she will feel fulfilled and happy again.

Can you relate to Sarah or Kevin’s experience? Most likely, you can. Sarah and Kevin are experiencing grief—a normal response to loss. Everyone will face loss at some point in their life. While grief may be a normal human experience, it is also a difficult experience to manage, and many people reach out for grief counseling to help them processing a major loss.

Thriveworks Media, PA grief counselors have helped many clients mourn and then rebuild after bereavement. Our grief counselors offer their compassionate presence and their extensive training to clients as they walk through one of life’s toughest challenges: loss.

What Triggers Grief?

Grief always involves a loss. Death of a loved one is likely the most common form of grief people face. However, when people lose anyone or anything that they love or value, they will likely experience grief.

Capturing every circumstance that could trigger grief would be impossible, but often, grief come after or during…

  • A loved one has passed
  • A dear pet dies
  • Health problems or chronic pain
  • Losing a home
  • A temporary or permanent disability
  • Divorce or a break-up
  • Career transition or job loss
  • A natural disaster

Experiencing Grief

Grief is a complex experience that often involves many other emotions. Sometimes, grief can feel like intense sadness and sorrow, even depression. But grief can also feel like relief. Sometimes, grief feels like intense anger. But grief can also feel like apathy. Each person truly experiences grief in a unique way.

While grief comes in many forms, if you have lost someone or something you love, then you may also experience …

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Appetite loss
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Angry outbursts
  • Anxiety
  • Severe and sudden bouts of crying
  • Panic
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Depression
  • Physically painful sadness

Have you been struggling with anything on this list? Have you also lost someone or something you love? If yes, you may be one of many people who are experiencing grief. While navigating how to mourn a loss, many bereaved find support and help through grief counseling.

Grief Counseling

Regardless of what emotions accompany grief, it often signals that life has changed forever. Acknowledging and accepting these changes can be some of life’s most difficult challenges. Grief counseling offers support and guidance during one of life’s most painful seasons. Caring grief counselors often help their clients find the skills they need to manage the grief, mourn the loss, and re-establish a fulfilling life.

What happens during grief counseling?

Thriveworks Media, PA’s grief counselors personalize their care for each client. In general, however, therapy involves processing the loss and processing a new future.

  • Processing the loss: complicating feelings often accompany a significant loss, and people need to process those feelings before moving forward. Grief therapy may help people understand their depression, sadness, relief, anger, regret, and more. Therapists often guide their clients toward acknowledging and coping with these emotions in a healthy way.
  • Processing a new future: a painful aspect of loss is its finality. Almost everyone would like to turn back time, even for a moment. But life does not work that way. Accepting the loss hurts, but it is the way forward. Processing a new future usually means building something new: possibly a new home, a new routine, a new support network. Thinking about a new future, after the loss, often scares people. However, many people also find a new happiness and a new life purpose with the help of a grief counselor.

Making an Appointment for Grief Therapy

Grief often isolates people and makes reaching out for help more difficult. If you are struggling with grief, we want you to know that reaching out for help is normal and often the first step toward healing.

Thriveworks Media therapists give each client compassionate and professional guidance, and our office has appointments for grief counseling available.

Our office often schedules clients for their appointment within 24 hours of their call. We do not keep a waitlist because you have waited long enough to get started. We also accept many insurance providers.

Have you recently experienced a loss? Do not go through grief alone. Call to make an appointment for your grief counseling.

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