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Families are systems where each person’s life is interwoven together with every other family member’s life, for good or for bad. When family units work together in harmony, each person contributes something of value and receives what they need. But everyone knows that families do not always function this harmoniously. At some point in life, every family will face an on-going challenge or crisis that will throw them out of tune.

Possibly no communication or lack of communication has resulted in distant relationships. Maybe you and your spouse cannot agree on parenting styles, and your children are receiving mixed message. Possibly one member’s anxiety or depression is affecting the whole family. Maybe an unhealthy family pattern is happening over and over again.

Working for healthy connections within a family unit is challenging but so often worth people’s time and effort. Because the family is a system, individual family members usually benefit when the family as a whole pursues health. Family therapy has helped many families find a rhythm that works for them.

Each family has unique problems. Thriveworks Media knows that while the details vary from situation to situation, the fact that families will face challenges is universal. That is why we offer family therapy. We love seeing families grow closer as they solve life’s problems together.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Family therapy’s main idea is that understanding an individual person involves understanding their family. Families have significant influence over a person, shaping identity, beliefs, and behaviors. Whether a person is trying to live up to the family’s expectation or reacting to the family’s expectation, family context is important. Family members are interdependent, and what affects on person often affects multiple people in the family.

When families face a challenge, helping the family as a unit respond in a healthy way may greatly benefit the individual family members.

What is your family facing right now? Is there a crisis or challenge that is taking its toll on multiple people? If yes, family therapy may be able to help your family grow closer as they solve the problem together. Here are a few reasons clients at Thriveworks Media have chosen to pursue family therapy:

  1. Over-bearing parenting and disobedient children.
  2. Overly-indulgent parenting and uncontrollable children.
  3. A marriage relationship that lacks intimacy.
  4. Hormonal fluctuations within a parent or teen that may be causing or exacerbating conflict.
  5. Unequally distributed care/interaction for a special-needs family member.
  6. A family member (or members) with unmet needs.
  7. A mental illness diagnosis within the family.
  8. Deficient/no premarital counseling and/or marriage maintenance therapy.
  9. Strain/tension in family relationships.
  10. Crises as a sudden job loss, family death, or loss of home.

Therapy for families cannot magically fix these problems. There is no easy solution for better relationships, but when each member is willing to contribute, therapy may help families be able to work together and overcome these challenges. Many families have broken harmful pattern and learned how to connect in healthy ways.

To achieve these goals, therapy may examine each individual’s personality type, love language, and/or birth order. A skilled therapist may craft exercises that allow families to respect each other’s gifts and needs.

Healthier families usually experience the benefit of their hard work. Stronger families often have …

  • Fewer cases of abuse and neglect
  • Less anxiety and depression-related conditions
  • Better coping skills for handling adversity and stress
  • Improved attachment with the potential for children to learn healthy relational skills
  • Reduced risk of poverty with an increased potential for income as shared earners

Setting Up Family Therapy at Thriveworks Media, PA

Thriveworks Media, PA offers family therapy that can address the foundational causes of a family’s challenge. Our therapists care about their clients and want to see families identify the problem, find workable solutions, and adjust appropriately. We understand that …

  • Listening, empathy, and kindness go a long way to help families connect.
  • The problem is the problem—not the individual seeking help and raising the concern.
  • Each person in the family needs a voice.
  • Every situation has the potential to bring families closer together.

Is your family facing a difficult time? Do you want to grow together through the challenge? If you want a more balanced home life, know that Thriveworks Media has appointments for family therapy available.

We want our clients to receive the care they deserve, even from the first time they call for an appointment. When you call Thriveworks Media, PA a person will answer and set up your therapy. We offer convenient session times, and accept many forms of insurance. Many first-time clients see their therapist within 24 hours of their first call.

Is your family ready for some support? Call Thriveworks today.

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