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Alcoholism: Treatment and Therapy in Media, PA

Can you relate to this experience? Before you went out, you promised yourself just two shots. That’s reasonable, but once you got started, you lost count. Next time, you tell yourself, you will stick to the limit. But, everyone needs a way to relax. This is normal, you think, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Knowing the line between healthy and unhealthy alcohol use can be tricky.

Some alcohol use is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Other alcohol use can be abusive or even addictive. Where’s the line? Many people have wondered how much is too much? And a trained therapist has helped them find a truthful answer.

The therapists at Thriveworks Media, PA frequently help their clients assess their alcohol use and treat any abuses or addictions that may have formed.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is an illness wherein people can lose control over their alcohol consumption, use alcohol compulsively, and experience a negative effect when not using alcohol. An alcoholic is someone who suffers from alcoholism.

Many people wonder if their alcohol use is problematic, possibly even an addiction. Think for a moment about when, where, and how much you drink. If you experience one or more of these behaviors, then it may be time to have a professional assess whether you may be struggling with alcoholism.

  • Lying or keeping secrets about drinking
  • Using alcohol alone
  • Prioritizing alcohol
  • Waning interest in family, hobbies, work, and friends
  • Experiencing feelings of annoyance or anger when unable to drink
  • Feeling a strong urge to drink
  • Developing a ritual that includes drinking
  • Having relational, monetary, legal, or employment problems that are rooted in alcohol use
  • Sweating, shaking, or vomiting when unable to drink
  • Increasing alcoholic consumption to experience the same effect

Alcoholism and Other Health Problems

Unfortunately, alcohol dependence can result in many other health complication. Although alcoholism is itself a serious health problem, it can damage a person’s body significantly. Some of the health problems associated with alcoholism include …

  • Inflamed stomach
  • Liver disease
  • Damaged pancreas
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes complications
  • Eye problems
  • Bone damage

Treating Alcoholism and Maintaining Sobriety

Alcoholism often causes great harm to those who suffer from it as well as their family and friends. Finding treatment for it and maintaining sobriety is a difficult task, but many alcoholics who are in recovery have testified, it is well worth the effort.

Each person who struggles with alcoholism has a unique story. Why the addiction formed and how it has been maintained varies from person to person, and, therefore, so will treatment of the disease. Because recovery can look different depending upon how alcoholism manifests in a person’s life, it is often a good idea to reach out to a therapist for help treating alcoholism and maintaining sobriety. Addiction counselors regularly help their clients find the treatment that is most effective.

Through addiction therapy, anyone who struggles with alcoholism may have access to the tools they need for healing and recovery. While each treatment plan for alcohol addiction is unique, many plans include one or more of these approaches.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
A counselor who utilizes CBT may be able to treat the root causes of the alcohol dependence. Often, negative beliefs or thoughts led to or contributed to the addiction. A skilled therapists can help people replace those negative thoughts and beliefs with positive, true ones.

Group Therapy
Support groups or group therapy have often played an important role in recovery from alcoholism. They often give people who struggle with alcoholism a place where they are safe, understood, and held accountable. Therapists may ask their clients to attend a support group or group therapy along with their cognitive behavior therapy.

With a medical doctor’s or a credentialed therapist’s oversight, medications may help certain people achieve and maintain sobriety.

Counseling Appointments for Alcoholism

Are you beginning to think that alcohol may be a problem in your life? Has a friend or family member expressed concern? If so, would you like a little help as you decide what to do next? The counselors who treat alcohol addiction at Thriveworks Media understand the confusion. They have appointments available and are ready to help.

If you are considering making an appointment for counseling, it may be helpful to know a few things about our office …

  1. When you call, a person will answer.
  2. Our clients can often schedule counseling appointments for the next day, even first-time clients.
  3. Evening and weekend appointments are available.
  4. We do not keep a waitlist.
  5. We work with most insurance companies.

Alcoholism can tear people’s lives apart. Treating it sooner rather than later may help mitigate the devastation. Help is waiting. Call Thriveworks Media, PA today.

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