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Isabel and John want to get married, but they both have children from previous relationships and are concerned about the process of blending their families. Isabel has a teenage daughter, April, while John shares custody of his young twins, Henry and Connor, with his ex-wife.

April was excited after the two announced their engagement, but the twins were visibly upset. They are still processing their confusion around why their parents no longer live together anymore. Weeks later, they continue to react negatively to any mention of wedding plans or moving in together. John decides to reach out to a close friend who faced similar difficulties when he remarried. He told John that family counseling played a significant part in helping his children adjust to the idea of having a stepmother and recommended that John consider seeing a licensed therapist who specializes in family and child care.

Through therapy, Henry and Connor were able to share their feelings openly. With the help of their therapist, they were able to work out a transition plan that gave all parties the necessary space and transparency needed to start living together in harmony.

Do you relate to Isabel and John’s situation? Is your family facing a new chapter in life? Have unexpected circumstances strained your relationship with a parent, sibling, or child?

If so, you aren’t alone. Trusted mental health professionals guide many families through unique challenges every day. You and your loved ones may benefit from family therapy sessions at Thriveworks Counseling in Kailua, HI. You can call our office to schedule your first therapy session or use our convenient online booking tool.

Will Family Therapy Help Address My Concerns?

Therapy helps more than just people living with mental illness or extreme relationship issues. Contemplating separation or struggling to get out of bed every morning are not the only reasons to consider scheduling a family therapy session.

Families regularly seek the assistance of a counselor for a number of reasons, including:

  • Major life transitions: Changes like moving to a new place, loss of income, and welcoming a new family member can disrupt a family’s harmony.
  • Behavioral problems: As children develop, they can experience overwhelming emotions and express themselves in ways that affect the whole family. Bullying or feelings of isolation at school can also change how they act at home.
  • Prolonged conflict: Political, spiritual, and moral differences are typical, but not seeing eye-to-eye can drive a wedge between otherwise close family members.
  • Divorce or separation: Significant relationship decisions can affect children, resulting in distress, confusion, or unhealthy habits.
  • Sudden loss or tragedy: Shared grief can unite a family, but such trauma may also throw off its balance.

Every family system goes through its ups and downs. There’s no shame in seeking assistance for specific issues that affect your ability to grow together as a united front.

Family Counseling: What You Can Expect

The length and format of therapy sessions will be different for every family depending on their unique concerns, needs, and goals. A licensed counselor will listen carefully as you describe your situation and will use that information to help craft a plan to get your family relationships back on track.

You may only need brief assistance to address a pressing issue, or maybe you’ll need regular sessions to work through more complicated problems. Regardless, your therapist will strive to create an inviting and judgment-free zone for everyone.

Family therapy sessions commonly use various techniques to achieve positive outcomes. A therapist may deploy structural, systemic, or strategic therapy to help your family resolve conflict, practice honesty, and set new boundaries. For example, family systems therapy might involve your counselor meeting one-on-one with each family member to determine their role in the family unit and how they influence others’ moods and actions. Knowing this could help them recommend changes to benefit the entire group.

To get the most out of sessions, it helps to be open to feelings of vulnerability and a willingness to ask plenty of questions. After attending therapy sessions, many report improved communication, increased empathy, and healthier problem-solving skills.

Meet With a Family Therapist at Thriveworks in Kailua, HI

If you’re ready to work with a skilled family therapist, consider reaching out to Thriveworks in Kailua, HI. We offer appointments throughout the week and weekends that fit your schedule. You can call our office or use our online booking tool to schedule a morning, afternoon, or evening appointment. New clients often have their first appointment within 24-48 hours.

Our providers accept many different insurance plans and can be contacted between sessions using text or email. Additionally, online therapy options are available through phone calls and video chat as well.

Other perks at Thriveworks include:

  • Text-message assistance for booking and billing
  • Exclusive video content from leaders in the mental health field
  • A free e-copy of the book “Leaving Depression Behind”

Do you think your family system could benefit from therapy? Call our office at Thriveworks in Kailua, HI to take the first step today.

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