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Relationships are not always easy. Sharing the most intimate details and moments of your life with another person is special but can also be stressful at times. Spending a lot of time with each other means sharing your space, time, and almost everything else.

It’s common to argue with your significant other from time to time, especially about little things like leaving dirty socks on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink. But sometimes, more serious disagreements come up and lead to major discord within your relationship.

Throughout your relationship, you’ll experience good and bad times and share both joy and sadness with your partner. But if you’re noticing that arguments, fights, and feelings of despair are becoming more intense, it may be time for you and your partner to consider couples therapy and marriage counseling with a licensed mental health professional in Eugene, OR.

Working with a couples counselor can help you and your partner see eye to eye, resolve conflict, and navigate the motions of significant life changes. Our therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Counseling in Kailua, HI are experienced in helping couples work through some of their most difficult challenges together to rebuild and sustain a relationship that lasts.

When Is the Right Time to Seek Couples Counseling?

Couples and marriage therapy is a great way to improve the state of your relationship from almost any starting point. Whether you’re working on a chronic issue between you, coping with an unexpected change, or seeking to strengthen your connection, relationship counseling can help you take the next big step towards change.

There are several reasons why our clients come to us for relationship therapy. These could include one or even a few of the following:

  • Premarital counseling
  • Breakdown in communication
  • Marriage and blending families
  • Disagreements on parenting issues
  • Behavioral problems in children
  • Financial changes or disagreement
  • Mental health issues
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Betrayal of trust or confidence
  • Major life changes or transitions

Your relationship doesn’t have to be in crisis to benefit from couples counseling. But if it is, a couples therapist at Thriveworks in Kailua, HI would love to meet you and help restore the bond between your partner and you.

How Can Couples Counseling Benefit Our Relationship?

Working with a couples therapist can do more than resolve conflict and repair a broken relationship. Counseling can also help you prevent future issues. Many couples find that therapy improves their relationships for years to come, due in part to the valuable skills and takeaways learned during multiple couples therapy sessions.

When you decide to pursue relationship counseling, your licensed therapist will help you understand the issues in your relationship and walk you through various exercises, techniques, and coping skills that can help resolve them. Together, you’ll learn how to better communicate with one another and apply modalities such as active listening and problem-solving to reach solutions to the barriers that exist between you.

Improved communication and problem-solving skills can be valuable in many other areas of your life as well. You may find your relationships with friends, family, and even coworkers become easier and more enjoyable when you’re better equipped to understand others and work together to solve mutual problems.

As your relationship improves, you might notice that your mood, mental health, and overall satisfaction in life spikes as well. These improvements can be attributed to greater happiness in your relationships and personal life.

If you and your partner are ready to take the next step in strengthening your relationship, you can schedule your first couples counseling session with Thriveworks today. Use our online portal to book an appointment or call our office in Kailua, HI to get started.

Couples Therapy Appointments Available Now at Thriveworks in Kailua, HI

Your relationship can be your rock and your safe space if you give it the chance to mend and grow. The mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Kailua, HI can provide the support and guidance you need to cultivate a nurturing environment for your relationship to thrive.

Thriveworks offers several benefits to help you access the help you need in tending to your relationship as it evolves. Some benefits you can look forward to include the following:

  • Thriveworks accepts most major insurance plans
  • Appointments that start on time
  • Online counseling opportunities
  • Flexible appointments available seven days a week, including evenings
  • Phone and email access to providers between therapy sessions
  • Exclusive online video content

Are you ready to improve and nourish your relationship through the benefits of relationship counseling? If so, consider calling or using our online booking tool to schedule your first therapy appointment at our Thriveworks office located in Kailua, HI. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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