Attend Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Jonesboro, AR

Attend Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Jonesboro, AR

Natalie took the day off of work to try and re-center herself. No matter what she does, her mood sinks back into the same black hole that she’s been gravitating towards for months. Her coffee is tasteless, and the early hours of the morning have passed by in a blur. Natalie wants to do something to help herself, but no matter how much effort she puts into trying to be happy, she remains stuck. At this point, Natalie knows that she’s likely depressed and has been putting off treatment for a long time. 

But this morning, Natalie’s decided that she’s had enough—it’s time for her to seek out a mental health professional to talk about her depression. Although she knows it might take a little bit for her to see progress during her sessions, Natalie’s intent on putting distance between herself and her depression. And with a therapist or counselor’s knowledge, she’ll be able to understand more about what’s triggering her symptoms and the ways in which she can better manage them.

Like Natalie, you may also be looking to find a counselor or therapist to help treat depression. At Thriveworks in Jonesboro, AR you aren’t alone—our providers can assist you with depression through counseling therapy, or psychiatric services. Discover the difference that mental health services at Thriveworks can offer you, and start putting depression behind you with help from professionals who care. 

Am I Depressed? What Does Depression Feel Like? 

Like most mental health conditions, depression might look and be experienced differently by some people than others. That’s okay; our providers aren’t just industry leaders, they’re expert listeners. Trust that you can talk to them about the unique situations or thoughts that might be causing your symptoms. Though depression cases vary widely, some common signs of depression include:

  • A general lack of energy, resulting in lethargy 
  • An unusually shortened temper, or the sensation of being emotionally drained 
  • Ongoing sadness that lasts for weeks, or even days without end 
  • Lack of interest in existing relationships or hobbies 
  • Possible anti-social behavior, withdrawn outward appearance, and demeanor

These are just some of the common symptoms of depression—those who seek help or are diagnosed might find that their condition varies. It’s important to remember it’s not possible to diagnose yourself with any psychological condition, including depression. But at Thriveworks, we can match you with a therapist who will help to identify your unique set of issues and work with you to establish a treatment plan that provides you with a restored quality of life. 

Depression Takes Different Forms 

There are several types of commonly known forms of depression that our providers can help you to manage, including: 

  • Major Depression: What most people think of as “classical” depression. This type of depression includes long stints of hopelessness, combined with emotional detachment and lessened interest in old hobbies or relationships.
  • Minor Depression: Minor Depression is typically quite similar to Major Depression, but as the name suggests, bouts of this form of depression are less severe and don’t play as pivotal a role in the sufferer’s life overall. 
  • Postpartum Depression: The CDC reports that 1 in 8 women experience symptoms of postpartum depression, which is a mood disorder that is onset by giving birth. 
  • Bipolar Disorder: This disorder is an example of how depression doesn’t always translate into extreme states of negativity. Bipolar disorder affects those who have it by creating unpredictable swings from manic happiness and euphoria, to the dark depths of anger, loneliness, and despair.

It’s important to note that no single form of depression is better or worse than the others. All forms of this condition detrimentally affect a person’s mental health and wellbeing. If you or someone you know is struggling with what might be symptoms of depression, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks counselor. 

Find Treatment for Depression at Thriveworks in Jonesboro, AR

Take some time to consider whether depression therapy, counseling, or psychiatric services could help you to treat your depression. While it can be painful to experience the symptoms of depression, remember that you’re not alone. Call Thriveworks in Jonesboro, AR to enroll in mental health services that can alleviate and manage depression symptoms. You can talk to one of our scheduling specialists; they can walk you through each step in the enrollee process. Being a Thriveworks enrollee means having access to:

  • 24/7 life coach availability
  • Exclusive video content 
  • Same and next-day session times 
  • Email communication with your provider between sessions
  • A free copy of our E-book, “Leaving Depression Behind”
  • Online therapy options—attend your sessions from home, the office, or while traveling

At the end of the day, depression can make you feel like you never got out of bed. Our Thriveworks team in Jonesboro, AR wants to help you move towards better mental health and quality of life. So give us a call to schedule a session—we look forward to hearing from you.

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