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Maleah attempted to commit suicide at the age of ten. Luckily, her sister was home and Maleah confessed to her the pills she’d just taken. After a night’s stay at the hospital and a brief stay at an in-patient center for youth, she was offered ongoing therapy sessions to continue her recovery.

Though her family was loving and nonabusive, Maleah had a lot of very intense feelings about some issues with her family dynamic that she had not been able to communicate. As a result, she had developed major depressive disorder, which resulted in her attempt to take her life.

Several years later, with the help of antidepressants and ongoing therapy, Maleah is happier than ever, and her family dynamic as a whole has improved. Occasionally, the entire family still goes to a therapy session to check in, but they’re doing well.

As you can see, untreated depression can have serious results that affect an entire family—and sometimes, an entire family will need to see a counselor to help one member overcome depression or anxiety.

Thriveworks Fitchburg MA counselors are experienced with the complexities that influence depression and anxiety, and they’ve successfully worked with many individuals, couples, and families to overcome their tough times. If you’ve been having a hard time, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule your first counseling session for anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Anxiety and depression are different disorders but can occur together. Anxiety may occur as a symptom of clinical depression, or someone may have depression after an anxiety attack (Hall-Flavin).

Symptoms of anxiety include restlessness, irritability, and an inability to relax even during relaxing activities. While it sounds close to stress on the surface, it’s not quite the same. Stress is temporary and usually triggered by something specific, like an upcoming due date or big event. Anxiety is longer lasting and present even when there’s no obvious reason for it.

Depression includes all the above, plus general feelings of malaise, hopelessness, and a lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities. Particularly serious are thoughts of suicide. If you have thoughts of suicide, please call a therapist or suicide hotline immediately.

How Therapy for Depression and Anxiety Can Help

You may be uncertain whether you have depression, anxiety, both, or neither—and that’s okay. Thriveworks Fitchburg MA counselors are experienced in diagnosing a variety of mental health disorders. All you have to know is that something is wrong and you want to feel better. We’ll take it from there.

During your first anxiety and depression counseling session, we’ll have an intake discussion focused on getting to know you—your personal and mental health history, your childhood and early life, and where you are now. From there we’ll help you figure out the root cause of your depression and anxiety. It’s not uncommon to feel some immediate relief after it’s uncovered.

Once we figure out what experience or feelings are causing you distress, your sessions will include processing them—looking at your thoughts and beliefs surrounding those experiences or feelings and work to shift them to a more positive pattern in order to change your overall outlook. We may also work on your communication skills. Many people need help communicating effectively, and improving those skills can help you better interact with your loved ones, friends, and coworkers. When we communicate effectively, we feel acknowledged and better able to articulate our feelings—both of which can decrease occurrences of anxiety and depression.

Thriveworks Fitchburg MA Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Thriveworks Fitchburg MA counselors have worked with many individuals to get them feeling like themselves again, and they can help you too. To make that help more easily accessible, we don’t keep a waitlist—we want to provide the help you need, when you need it. In fact, we can usually see new clients within 24 hours, so once you make the call, help is on the way.

The sun can shine again. Let us help you blow away the clouds.

Further Reading
Hall-Flavin, Daniel K. M.D. Mayo Clinic. “Depression (major depressive disorder): Expert Answers—Is it possible to have depression and anxiety at the same time?”

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