Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Dallas, GA—Repair Your Relationship 

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Dallas, GA—Repair Your Relationship 

If being in a relationship was easy and stress-free, more people would be committing to a partner. But the reality is that every single relationship we have requires time, effort, and hard work. Communicating effectively and problem-solving together doesn’t always come naturally. When we get into relationships and commit ourselves to one another, those challenges are going to come up at one point or another. The best thing you can do when the water gets too rocky is reach out for an unbiased, understanding helping hand. 

A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities and second, respecting the differences.” – Unknown 

Do you and your partner struggle to see eye to eye? Are you losing the spark between you and don’t know how to get it back? Are you going through a significant change that’s putting a strain on your relationship? A couples therapist or marriage counselor at Thriveworks Counseling in Dallas, GA can step in and help. 

Couples therapy and marriage counseling are centered around helping you and your partner solve problems and reconnect on a deeper level. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for a few months or married for over 10 years, therapy and counseling can prove to be very beneficial. If you think you and your partner could benefit from working with a mental health professional, reach out today and get started. 

Deciding to Go to Therapy: What to Expect 

When considering whether or not you and your partner should pursue therapy, there could be a lot of hesitation involved. Maybe one of you is hesitant to sit down with a stranger and tell them all about the issues you’re having. Typically, arguments are kept behind closed doors and it can be scary to put all of your issues out in the open. Don’t worry, though. The therapists and counselors at our office will never judge you and your partner for the concerns you’re having. They’ve helped many couples before you and are ready to help you make the same meaningful progress, too. 

Getting started with a Thriveworks marriage or couples counselor is simple. They’ll work to understand both of you on an individual level first. This will give them more insight as to what you’re both feeling and why. Once they’ve gathered enough information from you both, they’ll create a treatment plan centered around your specific relationship needs. Moving forward, a variety of therapeutic techniques and methods will be utilized to help you and your partner achieve things like: 

  1. Better communication skills
  2. Effective problem-solving techniques
  3. Stronger trust and intimacy 
  4. Mutual understanding and respect 
  5. Stress management techniques
  6. And more!

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling: Designed with Your Relationship in Mind

You might be wondering if our therapists and counselors will be able to help you and your loved one. The short answer is yes! The good thing about choosing to work with Thriveworks Counseling in Dallas, GA is that all of our mental health professionals are highly trained and qualified to help partners just like you achieve greater overall happiness. Not to mention, they can help you resolve past issues, overcome current challenges, and provide you with tools and resources to move forward together. 

We help couples for all different reasons, including: 

  • Trouble communicating
  • Low sex drive 
  • Major life transitions like moving to a new area or starting a new job
  • Coping with a major loss 
  • Lack of trust 
  • Infidelity by one or both partners 
  • Parenting concerns 
  • Financial strain or stress 
  • Lack of intimacy 
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Trauma and/or PTSD
  • Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression 
  • Jealousy or trust issues 

Some of these areas stem from an individual level, and that’s okay. Not all problems will be rooted in both of you combined. However, it’s essential to work through both individual and partner issues so you can build a better foundation together. If you didn’t see your specific challenge listed above, don’t worry. These are just a few of the challenges we can work with you on. 

Start Working with a Marriage Counselor or Couples Therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Dallas, GA

If you’re both ready to put your issues aside and start creating the healthy relationship you need and desire, you’re in the right place. You both can start working with a counselor or therapist as soon as tomorrow! You deserve to be happy, and our mental health professionals can help get you there. 

Visit our online booking system or give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We have evening and weekend appointments, regular daytime appointments, online counseling options, and more. We look forward to working with you. 

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Amy took the time to listen and really give me her honest advice and feedback. I see her for my anxiety and depression and she has given me so many coping techniques and works through my though process to pin point what my triggers are. I definitely recommend her services and am so appreciative of the progress we have made.
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