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Many of us want the type of love that is everlasting. We want to walk down an aisle and say those magical two words- “I do”. 

The reality of deciding to marry, preparing to marry, and actually being married is much more complicated. If only the movies kept filming after the engagement. 

It is entirely normal to begin to question if marriage is right for you, to have doubts as the wedding date moves closer, or to have arguments with your future spouse that you want to work on before tying the knot. Deciding to commit the rest of your life with someone is no small decision, and it’s good that you’re giving it this much thought! 

Premarital Counseling at Thriveworks Middleburg Heights is for people with doubts and questions, but it’s also for people who want to strengthen their relationship before going into a marriage. Our marriage therapists want to be there for you as you ask questions, examine your relationships, and make those big decisions. 

You put a lot of time and thought into your wedding- let’s prepare yourself for it as well! 

What Is Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling is broad and can address a wide variety of situations. In general, though, it has three main goals:

  • Work through problems (present or future problems)
  • Develop essential communication skills
  • Learn how to work through conflict

There’s a misconception that premarital counseling is only for people whose relationships are struggling. Thriveworks Middleburg Heights Premarital Counseling is for everyone who is interested in or talking about marriage. Research shows that couples who commit to premarital counseling are 30% more likely to have a happy, successful marriages. Often the decision to pursue premarital counseling is a sign that you’re willing to put in the work to make a successful marriage! 

Marriage is always going to be difficult. Two people living with each other will always cause arguments, and that’s okay! Premarital counseling can give you the tools you need to handle future arguments with ease. 

What Does Premarital Counseling Look Like?

Thriveworks Middleburg Heights always keeps you and your relationship at the center of our sessions. Every couple has a unique dynamic whith unique struggles. There is no one way to go about Premarital Counseling, and there is no one topic that we are limited to in a session. 

Some common discussion points include:

  • Common Interests and Activities
  • Role Expectations
  • Communication
  • Religion and/or Church
  • Marriage Expectations
  • Budget and Finance
  • Children and Parenting
  • Sexuality
  • The Need for Space
  • Feelings of non-commitment and identifying where they stem from
  • Current concerns you have about the relationship and how to overcome them
  • Should we go through with marriage?

Premarital Counseling can be difficult. Sometimes it reveals deeper held arguments or anger that may take a while to work through. If so, some couples decide to postpone their wedding date or reexamine if they are ready for marriage. As hard as this decision can be, they always walk away happier and healthier. The goal of Premarital Counseling is to connect two human beings and help them form a life together. This can be a challenge! But Thriveworks Middleburg Heights will be with you through every step of the way. 

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Sometimes, we build up our pre-marriage jitters and questions until they feel insurmountable. Talking to a professional can help remind you that you are capable and have what it takes to handle these problems and more. You’ve put your heart into this relationship, let’s take the steps to make sure it lasts. For more information, or to schedule an appointment today, give us a call at (380) 201-3145.  

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