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According to most romantic comedies, marriage is the end of the story. It is the happily-ever-after at the end of the movie. The hard work of dating and finding love is done. Now, the couple gets to enjoy the peace and joy of marriage. Right? Only in the movies. In real life, marriage is often just the beginning of a relationship. Every marriage is a journey—not a destination, and that journey is always filled with ups and downs. That is why most spouses vow to love each other “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health.” Just as there will likely be times of goodness, abundance, and health, there will also be times of hardship, lack, and sickness. During those difficulties, more and more couples are reaching out for help and going to marriage therapy. There are never any guarantees in any relationship, but often, a relational expert can often guide spouses back toward a happier, healthier marriage.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.” —Mignon McLaughlin

The marriage counselors at Thriveworks Counseling in Cleveland, OH have worked with many spouses who want to make their marriage better but may not know how. Our professionals have often worked with spouses to find that next step and the way forward for their marriage.

Should We Start Marriage Therapy?

Many couples wonder when or even if they should go to marriage therapy. Is now the right time? The only people who can answer that question are within the marriage. In some ways, there is no right or wrong time to start therapy. If one or both spouses are wondering if marriage counseling can help, then it may be time to get started. If one or both spouses feel like the marriage is in a time of “worse” instead of a time of “better,” then it may be time to get started. There are many ways that marriages can struggle, just as there are many ways that marriage counseling may be able to help. Just a few of those struggles that have led spouses to marriage therapy include…

1) Arguing Constantly: All spouses have debates, differences, and disagreements. It is normal to argue some within a marriage. Arguing constantly, however, is a different story. If every interaction is escalating into bickering, something is off. The spouses may benefit from working with a marriage therapist. Partners can learn how to disagree respectfully. Spouses can address underlying and unresolved tension that may be putting undue stress upon the relationship. Spouses can learn when to pursue issues and when to let them go. Often, a marriage counselor can guide that process.

2) Never disagreeing or arguing (or possibly even talking): Healthy marriages are unions between two healthy individuals. That is people who their own unique perspectives, opinions, and feelings. If spouses never disagree with each other, this could be a sign that something is off within the marriage. This dynamic can occur when one spouse is dominating the other. One spouse may have had their thoughts or feelings brushed aside so often, that they have given up their fighting for their individuality. This dynamic may also occur when the fighting has escalated so much and so often that spouses have retreated into their own world.

3) One or both spouses have cheated: Affairs are betrayals of trust. They are signs that the marriage is in trouble. If the marriage is to continue, then both spouses have a lot of healing to do. The spouse (or spouses) who has cheated must also be willing to put the time and the effort into rebuilding trust. This is not an easy process, but it is possible. Some marriages make a comeback. At times, spouses decide that the breach is too big to be restored. In either case, a marriage counselor can guide that process of healing.

4) Each spouse is trying to change the other: One of the hardest but most important rules of life is that people cannot change others. They can, of course, change themselves, but trying to change or control another person is unhealthy and harmful. This does not stop people from trying to change each other, but it should. When one spouse is trying to change the other (even for a good cause), the marriage will suffer. Trying to change each other means that spouses are seeing each other for who they are not instead of who they are. If changes need to be made, the motivation needs to come from the individual, not the spouse. If spouses are trying to change each other, it may be time to go to marriage therapy.

5) There is abuse within the marriage: Marriage should always be a safe relationship. If there is emotional, physical, or sexual abuse within your marriage, seek help now. Your safety is important, and it is ok to find someone who will help you be safe.

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If you and your spouse are struggling. You are not alone. Many marriages go through hard times, and while there are no guarantees in life, many marriages come through those hard times even stronger. Marriage counseling is not a magic formula, but it is help and guidance for the journey. When you contact Thriveworks in Cleveland, know that you may be meeting with your therapist within 24 hours. We work with many insurance companies and accept many types of insurance. We also offer evening and weekend sessions. Call today.

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