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Hannah’s partner, Theo, is worried about her. Despite his best efforts to cheer her up, Hannah doesn’t seem to be readjusting to their recent move to a new city. Instead of being excited as she’d originally been to explore the new restaurants, experiences, and places, she’s seeming dejected. Talking about it isn’t productive, and it feels to Theo like Hannah may be avoiding the subject. Theo doesn’t want to push, but he does feel like Hannah’s mental health may be suffering. 

Last night at dinner, Theo brought the topic up as gently as he could and explained he was worried about Hannah. She was resistant at first but listened to her partner as he talked. He recommended that she talk with a mental health professional if she was open to it—he even mentioned that many were available online. Hannah likes the idea of professional assistance, and being able to meet with them from the house sounds comfortable, too. 

Hannah’s experience may resonate with you—if it does, consider whether you could benefit from talking to a psychologist about what’s troubling you. At Thriveworks in Carmel, IN our team of psychologists can offer you their support and insight as you navigate the mental health challenges in front of you. 

What Does a Psychologist Do? Can They Help Me? 

Psychologists are mental health professionals with advanced degrees and experience using many different forms of therapy. Their job is to assist their clients through therapy sessions, during which they work together with them to identify goals to achieve and weaknesses to improve. Psychologists can help people to become better equipped to face the ups and downs of life. Some of the common conditions or concerns that our Thriveworks psychologists in Carmel, IN help with include: 

  • Difficulty processing a divorce or breakup 
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Child or teen behavioral issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • The loss of a friend or family member
  • Financial or work-related stress 
  • And many other conditions and life situations 

These are just a few of the many different topics that our mental health professionals can assist you with. Don’t be concerned if your specific problem or concern isn’t being addressed in this list. That’s why it’s so important to talk with your provider openly about what’s bothering you. Doing so will allow our psychologists to understand your perspective and to work with you to create treatment methods that fit your unique needs. 

Psychologists aren’t just limited to one-on-one sessions; in fact, they’re often the best choice for couples, families, or friends who are experiencing relationship difficulties. Counseling or therapy sessions with those to whom you’re closet may help you all to improve: 

  • Relationship or marital problems 
  • Family relationship
  • Ability to set and hold healthy boundaries in different scenarios
  • Emotional regulation (in anger management or grief counseling) 
  • Communication skills and ability to compromise

Connect Virtually with Online Counseling

Our psychologists are also available virtually through our online counseling services. It’s easy to find time to prioritize your mental health when you can stay connected through online counseling with Thriveworks in Carmel, IN. Online counseling may be a compelling choice if you’d like to: 

  • Avoid any potential anxiety or embarrassment that arises for some people during in-person sessions.
  • Engage with your therapist over the phone or video as you both explore the sources and effects of anxiety, sadness, relationship issues, and more. 
  • Meet with your therapist anywhere, as long as you have a solid internet connection and a private space to speak during your session.

Online counseling is also a great way for those with family obligations, busy work schedules, or who frequently travel to still get access to great mental health care through Thriveworks.  

Get Scheduled with a Thriveworks Psychologist in Carmel, IN

With the professional assistance and support of a psychologist from Thriveworks in Carmel, IN, it’s never been easier to get relief from the mental health challenges that are bothering you. Even though the decision to seek counseling or therapy is a decision you may make on your own, there’s no need to navigate your journey towards better mental health by yourself. Call our office in Carmel, IN to get started—our scheduling team is standing by to help you get started with the process. 

Becoming a Thriveworks client offers exclusive benefits, just for you, including:

  • Email access to your provider outside of sessions as needed 
  • Online therapy options 
  • The digital edition of “Leaving Depression Behind” and other electronic mental health resources 
  • Our Therapy Buddy app—a great way to measure your progress as you advance through therapy or psychiatric care 
  • Evening and weekend scheduling availability 

At Thriveworks in Carmel, IN we’re ready to help you achieve your mental health goals. By reaching out to connect with a psychologist in person or virtually, you’ll be making a connection that can assist you with life’s ups and downs. If you’re interested in seeing what a psychologist can do for you, give us a call. 

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