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There’s a lot of excitement that leads up to getting married. First and foremost, you’re about to exchange vows with your favorite person in the whole world. You have lived life separately up until this point, and now you want to intertwine your futures.

Ideally, you should grow old together and have an incredible time along the way.

But before you can get into any of that, you have wedding day preparations. Invitations. Seating arrangements. Cake tastings. Honeymoon locations to pick out. Formalwear to buy or rent. And let’s hope the bridal party doesn’t get too crazy during the reception.

In all of the planning and deciding, you might forget that the getting ready phase should be about more than just one single day. You should also be preparing for what it means to spend your life with another human being in wedded bliss.

Don’t make the mistake that many happy young couples make, which is assuming that present relationship enjoyment ensures that everything will always be smooth sailing. This is NEVER the case. Even if you two never share a cross word for the entirety of your marriage, plenty of other hardships and challenges are certain to arise, and it’s important that you’re not caught unprepared.

Meet with one of our skilled premarital counselors at Thriveworks Bastrop who have worked with couples in all stages of relationships — someone who can help give you the skills you need for the happiest, most satisfying relationship possible.

What is Premarital Counseling Like?

We do things a little differently here. Many counseling offices operate off an answering machine and a waiting list, but we have people ready to answer the phone at all times to help you find our next available session time — usually within 24 hours of your call to us.

For the little bit of time you’ll be in our waiting room (only a few minutes, usually — our sessions start on time, if not as early as you arrive), we provide you with reading material, refreshments and a way to charge your phone.

Once the session starts, your counselor will spend time getting to know you and your significant other. We’ll talk about any past or ongoing relationship issues you’ve had, and from there start to teach you communication techniques that will enable you both to discuss whatever you’re going over in a calm, judgment free manner, so that you can deal with the actual issue instead of resorting to an argument.

Premarital counseling is your marriage cheat-sheet, in a way. It’s your opportunity to anticipate and work through issues before they’re even a problem. Why not figure all of this stuff out now when you’re so thrilled to be together, instead of down the road when frustrations turn into yelling matches and resentment. Why not do your best to prevent all of that by examining these concerns now, calmly, with a professional who wants what’s best for you?

Some topics you will discuss with your premarital counselor include:

  • Communication styles
  • Relationships with extended family
  • Plans for having children
  • Shared interests
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Finances, budgeting and debt
  • Home ownership vs. rental
  • Holiday travel expectations
  • Long-term intentions and goals
  • Household duties
  • Spending time alone and together
  • And many more

Thriveworks Bastrop Premarital Counseling is Here for You

Our counselors are innovators in the mental health industry and have been featured in numerous news outlets such as CNN, The Boston Globe, Prevention, Chicago Tribune, Counseling Today and more. Many of our therapists also accept insurance for their services, and offer evening, weekend or even online counseling appointments to best meet your needs and lifestyle.

So, if you’re looking for a premarital counseling service in the Bastrop, Texas, area that can help establish crucial skills for a long, healthy marriage, look no further. You’ve found us. Now let’s get started.

Contact us today and meet your counselor as soon as you’d like. We look forward to watching your relationship grow!
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Trustworthy and reliable! Always felt like a priority with the services. Thank you!
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Kris Fredericksen has helped me immensely over the past couple of years. I have progressed in leaps and bounds since I first started attending sessions with her. I have had a traumatic childhood, stage 4 cancer, and was in an abusive relationship with an extreme narcissist. After that relationship, my self-esteem was almost non-existent. Shortly after that relationship I started having sessions with Kris. Since then, I have become more stable in life and very successful in my career. I still see Kris and will continue to as life will continue to have its ups and downs. I know I can rely upon Kris to help me take on and learn from anything that comes my way. Life is a great big learning lesson and sometimes you just need someone to give you the right perspective to help you understand, to cope and to grow. Kris is the highly trained professional that I needed and still need to help me continue on that path.
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a professional office

This office is set up professionally. It is welcoming and quiet. No waiting is very nice. has a great reputation.
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Thrive is a great service and my counselor is excellent. Having found this place is making a huge difference in my life and how I am approaching things. Service has been friendly and helpful, as far as administrative side. I would highly recommend Thrive to anyone.
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