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Counseling in Agoura Hills CA for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are all too common in the United States. In fact, approximately 40 million people struggle with these conditions every day. Are you one of them? Many times, the changes associated with depression and anxiety are subtle. But if you’re dealing with these conditions, then you know the challenges you face in your daily life. The struggle to throw off the fatigue from a bad night’s sleep, the effort it takes just to stand up out of bed in the morning, the trial of living through a day where you feel constantly on edge, wondering if you’re doing enough.

Anxiety and depression don’t just affect your mind. They can make you feel physically ill as well.
Stomach issues like gas and bloating, muscle tightness and cramps from simple activities, and sexual dysfunction are all symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. In fact, people suffering from depression and anxiety are four times more likely to visit their regular doctor for treatment of physical ailments. Your physician can prescribe medications that may help with the physical symptoms, but unless you identify and treat the real source of the problem, the physical symptoms will return.

There is Hope for Depression and Anxiety

Though it might not seem like it, there is hope for people like you, people fighting against anxiety and depression. Research has shown that people with depression and anxiety respond very well to therapy in managing depression and reducing anxiety. Every individual will require a personalized plan, a strategy that will help lay out the treatments to be provided. The treatments, similar to what we offer at Thriveworks Agoura Hills can begin to work in as little as 3-4 weeks from when you meet with a therapist. Of course, it may require more time depending on the specific issues that gave rise to your depression and anxiety.

Thriveworks Therapists Are Here for You

You don’t have to face your troubles alone. At Thriveworks, we have compassionate people who care about you and want to see you succeed. Our experts want to work with you to identify the best treatments available. Our counselors have the education, training and experience to determine the most effective route for your recovery.

As you work with us, we can create a plan that will help you take the steps you need to overcome your depression and anxiety. As we work with you, we’ll help you identify some of the core issues that ‘feed’ your anxiety and depression. Once we’ve identified these issues, we can then work with you to learn skills that will help you cope with your trials. You will be actively involved in your success.

Let Our Counselors Help

As a Thriveworks Agoura Hills CA counseling client, you will work with a professional counselor who understands the challenges depression and anxiety place in your life. We can offer you the tools you need to begin reshaping your life. The first step is to simply contact us.

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