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Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Agoura Hills, CA

Many reasons lead people to couples counseling and marriage therapy. A relationship does not have to be in crisis to see a counselor. Couples that want to communicate better, improve their relationships and enjoy intimate relationships find that counseling is an important step to becoming closer and experiencing a fulfilling bond.

Couples counseling and marriage therapy at Thriveworks in Agoura Hills, CA has helped many couples with a myriad of issues. Qualified therapists help their clients explore new insights and skills, as well as practice using their new skills and form habits to make a positive impact on their lives and relationships. A professional therapist may help when relationships undergo large and small issues.

Couples can overcome everything from the small frustrations to the seemingly mountainous obstacles with the help of Thriveworks’ therapists who can help couples with their issues and guide them toward better relationships. Building a better partnership is possible, and it starts here. Some of the issues couples experience are:

Nothing to Talk About—Except the Kids

The babysitter is with the kids, a table at a favorite restaurant is reserved and date night has begun. After all the planning, the partners are finally sitting across from each other ready to enjoy a wonderful evening. But, when one partner talks about work, the other doesn’t really know much about it and just doesn’t seem to care to find out more. When the other individual tells stories about friends, the other doesn’t have much interest. It feels like too much effort to ask about work or the other person’s day and pay attention to a partner. So, the couple resorts to only talking about the children– their day at school, grades and activities.

Parenting Philosophies Don’t Match Up

One partner believes in serving the kids platters of vegetables and fruits, while the other freely offers frosted cupcakes and boxes of sugary cereal. A parent thinks nothing of letting the kids play video games for hours, while the other feels old-fashioned fun like riding bikes and exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it feels like one parent is always the “bad cop,” while the other has the soft touch. There may be times when arguments ensue. One partner may accuse the other of being too uptight and not chilling out enough—and the reason for the kids turning out to be anxiety-ridden like their in-laws.

No Respect for a Partner’s Opinion

When a partner says something, the other may roll their eyes—internally or outright. One individual may think they are genuinely a better, more intelligent person, and they don’t take their partner’s opinion to heart. Many times, an individual will talk negatively about the other’s friends and family or speak unkindly to a partner. A great deal of the time, one is quick to tell the other what is wrong with them. One of the most basic signs of respect is listening, and each person in the relationship should be able to share an opinion while the other listens. If a partner constantly interrupts, talks over or flat-out ignores the other person, it is a sign that that they do not respect the other’s opinion. Good communication is essential for a relationship.

Something is Missing

There’s no hate between the partners, but one or both individuals just do not feel connected or close. When there is a funny story, a partner shares it with a best friend or family member—not the spouse. One person may begin to think about old boyfriends or girlfriends either sometimes—or a lot. While the partner may be a genuinely good person, the other individual is “just not feeling it.” Couples may question if they are not feeling the same any more or wonder if they ever did have a close connection.

These are only a sample of the issues couples may experience in their relationships. Whether there are a few ups and downs or what seems to be an unsurmountable issue, there is help. Schedule a session with Thriveworks Agoura Hills, CA to find out more about how couples counseling and marriage therapy can help your relationship get on the road to a healthier, stronger relationship.

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