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A common question we’ve all heard time and time again during our youth. And it’s an amazing thing, too, because children, free from the constraints that our adult minds have developed over time, respond with such fascinating answers: “Astronaut”, “Race Car Driver” …”President of the World!” But by the time we’re exiting high school and entering the “real world” we’re posed with that question again – “What are you going to major in?”… “Where are you going to work?” Almost invariably our responses are much different than those we gave as children. For some people the excitement felt when they were young and looking forward to what they could be turns to fear, anxiety, or even depression as they find themselves heading down a career path far different than what they once envisioned.

“I love my career, but I want to advance.”

Or maybe you’re heading down a career path that you’re excited about. That’s fantastic! As you get further along into your career, you’ll often come to find that getting that next promotion or advancement can be very competitive. Any edge you can get is vital, and Working hand in hand with a Thriveworks Charlottesville, VA Career Counselor can give you the advantage you need to secure that next step forward.

“I just lost my job. Where do I go from here?”

Sometimes people are heading down a career path they are excited about, and seemingly out of nowhere they are let go. Experiencing the sudden, unexpected loss of a job can be incredibly shocking. To highlight the positive, you’re now finding yourself with more time and an opportunity to reanalyze your dreams and goals, and determine your next career path. You want to make a wise decision. An outside perspective and experienced guidance could be crucial to making the right choice. Our career counselors at Thriveworks Charlottesville, VA would be proud to assist you through this new phase of your life.

No matter your career level, our counselors can help!

Whether you’re struggling with uncertainty over the direction of your career, you’re just looking for something to help you progress down the career path on which you’re already travelling, or you’ve recently found yourself without a job and are deciding in which direction to go, Thriveworks Counseling Charlottesville, VA is ready to help! Your career is too important to leave up to chance; take control of your circumstances and work alongside a Thriveworks Career Counselor to achieve your dreams and goals!

At Thriveworks Counseling Charlottesville, VA our highly trained team of career counselors is passionate about helping you to realize your full career potential! And the best part is that we don’t operate with any waiting lists – Call us today at (434) 812-4009 and see a career counselor this week, maybe even the same day!

Let’s start working together to make a positive difference in your career and your life!


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