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Anger Management 101 – Counselors and Therapists in Alpharetta

Ever find yourself getting angry and not sure why?
Does someone cutting you off in traffic or waiting in line at the store infuriate you?
Do your feelings go from zero to ten without notice? Do those around you describe your anger episodes as “blow ups” or “over the top.”?

Are these reactions causing issues at your job, school or within your relationships?

Let the counselors at Thrivework’s, help you identify your triggers and put together a plan that will allow you to manage your feelings instead of being controlled by them….

By your side the counselors at Thriveworks will help you explore

  • Why am I angry?
  • How am I responsible for my anger?
  • What are the consequences of my anger?
  • Better ways to communicate?
  • How do I feel after my anger episode?
  • How do I make those around me feel when I’m angry?

Anger is a normal emotion but the ways we choose to express them can be a problem. We provide individual and group sessions… Call us now at 770-284-9252.

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