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Family is an important cultural value for many people. Whether they desire a small, medium, or big family, most people want loving relationships as husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, and children.

People often gain their purpose and sense of identity from their family. Parents feel secure in their role to care for their children. Children develop, grow, learn, and help as they can. In a family, each person gives, and each receives. Through this process of belonging, people may feel fulfilled, connected, and happy. At least, in theory this is how families work, but reality is often very different.

Life has a way of constantly knocking families off balance. One person faces a problem or challenge, and everyone in the family is affected. It does not take much for family members to stop working for each other and begin to work against each other. If your family is facing a challenge that is taking its toll on multiple people, it may be time to seek professional help.

The therapists at Thriveworks Woodhaven know that families face immense challenges. When life can tear your family apart, know that support is available through family therapy.

Disruptions in Life

The Bradys. The Huxtables. The Gilmores. The Tanners. The Winslows. The Bravermans. The Cleavers. The Bluths. The Arnolds. Some of TV’s most beloved families resonated with their audiences because they show how vibrant family relationships can be. They also modeled realistic disruptions in life that many families face.

It does not matter what a family’s size, ethnicity, or socio-economic status is, life will bring challenges that threaten the family’s future. How the individual family members respond will determine whether the family grows closer together or farther apart.

Crises bring instant change. Life is one way one moment, and the next moment, everything is different. When one person’s life is struck by a crisis, then everyone in the family feels the effects. Unexpected disruptions can disorient and blindside families. Therapy may equip families to respond well during times of crisis such as…

  • A family member’s death
  • Losing the family’s home
  • An injury or disability causing accident
  • Job loss
  • Financial crisis or stress

While some crises change life in an instant, other challenges start slowly and build. These challenges, if left unaddressed, can overwhelm families. Therapy may equip families to tackle these on-going challenges in a healthy way, where everyone can share the load. Many families have also pursued family therapy for challenges such as…

  • Navigating parenting styles and challenges
  • Caring for a physically-ill, handicapped, or special-needs family member
  • Marital tension or conflict
  • A mental illness diagnosis

Choosing Family Therapy

Finding solutions to life’s challenges in the midst of a crisis or an on-going challenge can feel overwhelming. Family therapy may provide an outside perspective that allows families to find the solutions they need. Family therapy may be able to…

  1. Re-establish healthy communication.
  2. Use integrated and calming methods to resolve differences among individual family members.
  3. Equip each family member with techniques to express their needs and to support others in the family.

Family therapy is built upon the foundational idea that individuals are best understood within their family’s context. That is, each person receives a unique identity, role, and value system from their family. As each member comes to greater understanding, everyone benefits.
To promote understanding and achieve a more harmonious family unit, therapy may explore a family’s coping mechanisms, expectations, communication style, love languages, personality types, and birth order.

Family Therapy through Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI

Thriveworks Woodhaven offers counseling for families. We love seeing families work through their challenges in ways that allow them to connect and grow. When families understand life’s challenges, they may learn to overcome them. Our counselors want to help, and they get how …

  • Dialogue and compromise are possible.
  • The individual or family seeking help is not the challenge—the problem is the problem.
  • Empathy and understanding can be learned.
  • Each individual can speak up and express their needs.

Has a crisis changed your family’s life in a moment? Is an on-going challenge overwhelming your family? Family therapy is not an easy fix. It takes time and work, but if your family is ready for help, Thriveworks Woodhaven is ready too.

Thriveworks Woodhaven aims to give each client top-rated care from the time they first call our office throughout their care. That is why a scheduling specialist will answer your call and help schedule your appointments. That is why many clients see their therapist within 24 hours. That is why weekend and evening appointments are available, and we accept many insurance plans.

We prioritize our clients and want to see families growing together during life’s challenges. Call today.

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