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Woodhaven, MI Mental Health Services: Life Coaching, Counseling, Therapy

Meeting with a Professional Counselor or Coach

Life can feel like a boring, never-ending treadmill: there’s no stopping. Maybe everyday feels the same–wake up, go to work, clock in, clock out, pick up the kids, make dinner, go to bed, repeat. Meanwhile, taking time for adventure, connecting with friends and family, or pursuing a hobby seems impossible. Whatever their specific situation, many people feel the wear and tear of daily life.

At times, life can also feel out of control: a major life event or mental health condition has blindsided you or a loved one in a way that feels unpredictable and scary. Maybe insomnia has kept you from sleeping well and you are unsure of how to cope. Maybe you are facing a divorce and being a single parent. Maybe you are in or recovering from an abusive relationship. Regardless of the particular circumstances, facing a major life change or a mental illness can feel overwhelming.

Can you relate to these scenarios? These are just a few of the many difficulties people may face throughout their lives. Even though everybody faces hardship at some point, when challenges arise, people often feel alone and isolated. Sometimes, people think, no one understands this problem or I can’t reach out for help or I don’t know who to trust or where to start. Many people today are feeling alone and overwhelmed with life.

The counselors and life coaches at Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI are familiar with life’s challenges and the isolation they bring. Meeting with a life coach or counselor can feel overwhelming, but many have found that an appointment at Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI was the first step toward the help they needed.

Counseling or Life Coaching in Woodhaven, MI

People rarely take the time to stop, reflect upon their particular problem, set a goal for improvement, and then start making necessary changes. These steps are hard, and doing them alone is even harder. Meeting with a counselor or life coach may make the process easier.

How could a counselor or life coach help?

Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI’s office has both traditional mental health providers that help with things like anxiety and depression and experienced life coaches who can help you achieve more in life.

Our coaches and counselors often help by …

  • Refocusing on their clients’ discarded personal goals and dreams.
  • Tailoring the process for individual clients and their unique life goals.
  • Identifying harmful or destructive behaviors that are holding their clients back.
  • Equipping their clients with new interpersonal skills that allow them to overcome their harmful or destructive behaviors.
  • Developing realistic goals for their clients to achieve, based on their particular skills, talents, and dreams.
  • Treating any mental health disorders.

The counselors and coaches at Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI want to enrich their clients’ lives. Real change is usually difficult, even painful, but our clients often enjoy their time with our professionals and look forward to their appointments.

The Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI counselors and coaches want to walk beside their clients as they make hard but needed changes. Many clients have found that our counselors and coaches were the trusted, kind companion they needed during a difficult time.

If you have considered reaching out for help in managing life’s daily grind or a major life challenge, do not put your happiness, goals, or mental health on hold any more. Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI has counselors and coaches who are ready to help.
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Woodhaven, MI Counseling and Coaching Appointments

Our trained professionals are ready to work for you. We prioritize your well-being, so our office does not operate with a waitlist, and you can often schedule your first appointment within 24 hours. We know that sometimes a session with a counselor just cannot wait a few weeks. These days, people are busy, and so are you, so Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI also keeps night and weekend hours.
It’s time for a change. Call today to schedule a session with a Thriveworks Woodhaven, MI counselor.

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