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The definition of trauma is simple: Trauma is an experience or event that causes one psychological distress. The individual might go on to develop nightmares, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and other harmful side effects as a result of their trauma. As you might have guessed from the simple definition, trauma can come in many different forms. Some more common examples of trauma include physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, bullying, natural disasters, military combat, and near-death experiences.

“All emotions, even those that are suppressed and unexpressed, have physical effects. Unexpressed emotions tend to stay in the body like small ticking time bombs—they are illnesses in incubation.” –Marilyn Van Derbur

Are you a victim of domestic abuse? Have you been abused mentally or emotionally? Are you a military veteran? Did you miraculously survive a near-death encounter? As a victim of trauma, you must properly process your experience, manage any symptoms of PTSD, and determine a healthy path forward. This is a lot to ask of someone whose experienced a psychologically distressing event. Fortunately, you don’t have to walk through this journey alone. A trauma therapist, counselor, or psychologist can assist you.

If you are in the Washington, DC area, consider working with a trauma therapist at Thriveworks Washington, DC. Our trauma therapists, PTSD counselors, and psychologists would be happy to help you work through your trauma. They can help you accomplish the aforementioned goals of processing your traumatic experience, managing and PTSD symptoms, and finding a healthy way forward.

What Is Trauma Therapy? How Does Trauma Therapy Work?

Therapy provides people with a safe, supportive space for working through life problems. Trauma therapy provides victims of trauma with a safe, supportive space for working through their trauma and learning to live a happy, healthy life post-trauma. It helps these individuals to process what they have gone through and address difficult side effects of their trauma.

Your Thriveworks Washington, DC trauma therapist will use their skills to equip you with tools for better understanding your experience and coping with your trauma. Additionally, they will help you process all of the emotions that accompany trauma, as well as any PTSD symptoms you might develop, such as:

  • Hypervigilance
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Self-destruction
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Emotional detachment
  • Irritability

As you may know, these symptoms can make even the most mundane tasks difficult to complete. You might not even feel motivated to go to work or spend time with your loved ones. The trauma therapists at Thriveworks Washington, DC will help you get to a happy place again.

What Benefits Will I Experience in Trauma Therapy?

Trauma therapy can provide many benefits to people who have encountered trauma. In your work with a trauma therapist or PTSD therapist at Thriveworks Washington, DC, you can accomplish several goals important to healing and moving on from your trauma:

  1. Learn more about the psychology of trauma
  2. Process your emotions
  3. Identify triggers of PTSD symptoms
  4. Develop healthy coping skills
  5. Return to a happy life

A trauma therapist or PTSD therapist at Thriveworks Washington, DC can help you in many different ways. They will get to know you and your specific trauma, which will inform the individualized treatment plan they develop for you. The Thriveworks Washington, DC team wants to help you heal and live happily again.

Schedule Trauma Therapy at Thriveworks Washington, DC

Trauma can have a long-term or even lasting impact on your life, if you don’t address your experience properly. Let the trauma therapists at Thriveworks Washington, DC help you address and heal from your trauma, so that you can get started on the rest of your life.

The trauma therapists and PTSD therapists at Thriveworks Washington, DC are skilled, caring professionals who are dedicated to helping their clients live better. If you have encountered a traumatic experience, be sure to address all of your thoughts and emotions that stem from your trauma, as this is crucial to healing properly. We know this is easier said than done—let us help you do it. We can guide and support you through this journey.

To schedule your trauma therapy appointment, all you have to do is call (202) 221-8410. Our scheduling team will help you set up an appointment that is convenient for you. We have next-day appointments as well as evening and weekend sessions available.

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