Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Washington, DC

Washington, DC Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Let’s talk about anxiety. Some people, who’ve never experiences the symptoms of a real anxiety disorder don’t understand what anxiety really feels like. You drive to the grocery store and the doors of your car might as well be welded shut, because there’s no way you’re getting out and walking into the store. Sound familiar?

How about depression? The shower in your apartment or house is all of 20 feet away, but to you—it might as well be 100 miles away. For some reason you can barely move. You can’t get off the bed. You can’t even make it across your bedroom to pull on some clothes.

Anxiety and depression can be incredibly destructive to one’s life. Going to work, maintaining relationships, paying bills, managing the home—any one of these things is more than someone with anxiety or depression can handle and yet, there you are trying (perhaps falling short) to keep it all together.

The coaches, counseling, psychologists, and other mental health providers at Thriveworks know what depression and anxiety are. Moreover, they know how to treat it. There is a silver lining to having depression or anxiety (or both, more often than not if one is experiencing one, he/she it also experiencing the other). The silver lining is this—depression and anxiety are highly treatable. You can experience relief and healing.

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