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Addiction can take many forms. There are chemical addictions, such as alcoholism, and addiction to other drugs, and then there are non-chemical addictions, which include gambling addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, video game addiction, shopping addiction, and other. While people differentiate “chemical” and “non-chemical”, in truth, for the addict, both literal drugs and non-chemical addictions like gambling create a strong chemical response in the addicted persons brain.

If you are struggling with an addiction, you might be thinking “How could this happen to me?” Truly, people from all walks or life, from all social-economic levels, can experience an addiction. Addiction is shockingly common in the United States. Recent research has revealed that 23.5 million Americans are experiencing an addiction to alcohol or drugs. This means that about 1 out of every 10 Americans over 12 years of age is struggling with a chemical dependency.

Hence, the important thing for you to know, if this is what’s going on, is that you get help, and get clean from whatever it is that’s binding you to your addiction.

At Thriveworks Washington, DC, our coaches, counselors, and mental health providers of many kinds have years of experience helping people break free from addiction. Let’s talk, to see if our care is a good fit for you. Call us Today!

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