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Great coaches inspire their players onto great achievements. If you watched Friday Night Lights, you saw a master coach in action. Eric Taylor’s football played achieved more off and on the field than anyone ever anticipated. How did he do it? He gave legendary speeches. Before one game, he told his players, “Listen to me. I said you need to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.” But there is more to Coach Taylor’s success than an encouraging speech. Coach Taylor knew his players and believed in them. He challenged them. He let them dream. Then, Coach Taylor stood beside them every step of the way. After a big accomplishment, he tells his team, “I am in awe in each and every one of you gentlemen.” Many people would love to have that kind of support in their personal life, and many people are getting just that by working with a life coach.

Coaches do not just inspire athletes and sports teams. The benefits of coaching can extend into everyday life. There are numerous reasons that ordinary people work with a life coach, but a few include…

  1. Wanting to accomplish a professional or personal milestone. The main purpose of any life coach is helping their clients achieve. The goal may be personal—running a race, finding a happy relationship, learning a new skill, and more. The goal may be professional—going after a raise or a promotion, making a career change, and more. Any accomplishment takes effort, and life coaches often help people plan out the best path toward their dreams.
  2. Facing an unforeseen challenge. Life can change on a dime. One day, everything is normal. The next, everything is different. A simple word, like cancer, divorce, or lay-off, can set people on a rollercoaster. After a lay-off, what is the best strategy for job searching? What does it look like to date as a single parent? What does support during medical treatments look like? Life coaches may help their clients navigate life’s curveballs.

The life coaches at Thriveworks Washington, DC have worked with many clients who wanted to achieve a goal or who were navigating an unforeseen challenge. We often provide our clients with the accountability, support, and encouragement they needed.

Cultivating Self-Awareness and Achieving Success

One key to success in achieving a goal or navigating a challenge is self-awareness. When people know themselves well—their values, their strengths, their weaknesses, their motivations, their feelings, and more—they are often in a better position to achieve. Success looks differently for each person, and when people have a clear vision for their finish line, they often cross it. The challenge is that people often know more about others than they know about themselves. Life coaches often help their clients increase their own self-awareness.

For some, success looks like taking a risk, signing up for a dating service, and working toward a healthy relationship. For others, success looks like reaching for the next rung as they climb their career ladder. The possibilities are limitless. How do you decide which is right for you? Your values drive your goals. What do you value most? What do you need? How do you ask for it? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? These questions are the foundation of self-awareness, and life coaches have many tools to help their clients explore answers to these questions and increase their self-awareness.

One of those tools is called The Miracle Question. This question can take many forms, but the basic idea is what would your life be like if you woke up tomorrow and all your problems we solved? Of course, this requires people to suspend reality, and the answer to it may or may not become a reality within an individual’s life. However, the answers are informative to what people value, what they see as their big problems, and what they see as the solution. Life coaches often help clients translate these answers into tangible steps within their life.

Setting Goals and Success

When people can identify their values, they can set goals that align with their life. It is clear from many different research studies: people who regularly set goals in their personal and professional lives are happier and more successful. Their lives are driven and filled with meaning. Nonetheless, setting goals is challenging. Here are a few benefits that make goalsetting worth the effort. Goals often…

  1. Allow people to focus their energy and time upon what matters most to them.
  2. Cut out distractions as people can say, “no” to anything that does not move them closer to the finish line.
  3. Give people motivation to conquer inevitable setbacks and difficulties.

Working with a Life Coach at Thriveworks Washington, DC

If you are ready for encouragement, accountability, and support from a life coach, know that the professionals at Thriveworks Washington, DC are ready to meet with you too. When you contact our office, a real person will answer you call and help you schedule an appointment. You will not reach a voicemail, but you may meet with your life coach the following day. We also offer evening and weekend sessions, and we accept many forms of insurance. Call today to schedule an appointment for life coaching.

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