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Online counseling is not a revolutionary concept, it’s actually been around since the early 1950s! However, it is gaining ground, as more and more people are preferring to attend their counseling sessions from home. Online therapy offers optimal comfort and convenience; it also comes with more flexible scheduling options. For these reasons, online counseling can prove especially valuable to those who can’t make it into the office for a normal daytime appointment, as well as those with certain limitations such as a physical disability.

If you are intrigued by the idea of online counseling, consider exploring online counseling at Thriveworks Washington, DC. Our therapists and counselors can help you over the phone, video chat, or in-person if you prefer. Either way, to set up your first appointment, call (202) 221-8410. Or, to better understand how online counseling could help you, continue reading.

Counseling Over the Phone, Video: How Does It Work?

If you decide to pursue online therapy, you’ll get to choose between two options: you can work with your counselor over the phone or via video chat. If you choose the former option, your counselor will simply give you a call at the time of your session. If you choose the latter option, you’ll be provided a link, which you will visit at the time of your appointment. And then you’ll get to work right away!

Online Counseling is an effective counseling option. Evidence shows that many different individuals of varying backgrounds can find value in online counseling. On that note some people find that online counseling enables them to make even more progress with their counselor because they feel more comfortable opening up over the phone or video chat. That said, some people find that in-person counseling is the better option for them, and that’s okay too!

Is Online Counseling Right for Me? What Are Online Therapy Benefits?

Louis is confined to a small community. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. Unfortunately, this means that he can’t find a therapist nearby that doesn’t come with a conflict of interest. Danielle works a 9 to 5 job and is struggling to find a therapist with the right availability. By the time she’s off work, the local counseling office is closed. John is trying to find a counselor with experience working with the LGBTQ community; but none of the therapists nearby meet these needs.

Each person above could benefit from working with an online counselor. Louis could find a counselor online who is not from his small town; Danielle could work with a counselor online outside of the normal daytime hours; and John could find an online counselor who has experience and skills working with LGBTQ members. In summary, online therapy counseling at Thriveworks Washington, DC offers the following benefits:

  1. Convenience: You don’t have to worry about commuting to yet another appointment; you can attend your sessions from your home!
  2. Comfort: Because you’ll be attending from home or wherever else you choose, you will also experience more comfort than you might in a therapy office.
  3. Accessibility: Online counseling provides more accessibility to therapists who check all of your boxes, in terms of who you’d prefer to work with.
  4. Flexible scheduling: You’ll also have access to more flexible scheduling options, including evening and weekend appointments.
  5. Effectiveness: Online counseling is a tested and effective counseling option as well. You are still able to make meaningful progress with your therapist, just via virtual means.
  6. Affordability: Finally, online therapy is affordable, as most major insurance companies now pay for online mental health services. Thriveworks Washington, DC also has affordable out-of-pocket payment options.

If you believe that online therapy could benefit you, reach out to Thriveworks Washington, DC. We can talk to you more extensively about online counseling services and get you scheduled!

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Washington, DC

Sometimes, we can’t make it in for the normal in-person therapy appointment because our schedule doesn’t allow it! In other instances, a physical disability, sudden sickness, or traffic gets in our way. This is not the case when it comes to online counseling. Online counseling is the convenient option.

If you’re ready to schedule your online counseling appointment, give Thriveworks Washington, DC a call at (202) 221-8410.

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