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Wouldn’t it be nice if every time people lay down to rest, their bodies cooperated and allowed them to sleep? Far too many people find themselves tired but wide awake. Insomnia can take different forms. Maybe you have experienced one of the following…

  • The inability to fall asleep: many people lie in their beds each night, tossing and turning for hours before the sandman finally makes an appearance. At times, they may not be able to fall asleep at all.
  • Being roused too early: many others quickly slip into dreamland but within a few hours, their bodies wake up. They often begin their day long before the sun rises.
  • Sleep that does not restore: many times, people seem to sleep through the night. They may clock their 8-10 hours, but they feel drained each morning. Normal sleep revitalizes, but some people arise exhausted.

If falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking exhausted are challenges you face, you are not alone. A lot of people suffer from insomnia. A lot of people are still searching for the rest their body and mind needs.

While a few people have found relief from home remedies, most people who struggle with sleep disturbances need more in-depth care, and they are finding the treatments they need through insomnia counseling. Skilled therapists understand the various factors that can be contributing to the sleep disturbances. Mental health professionals often can give both practice advice on how to boost sleep as well as treat the underlying causes of the sleep disruptions. This holistic care often sets people up for long-term success and many restful nights.

The counselors at Thriveworks Sterling have helped many people find the holistic care they need to overcome insomnia. Our professionals have equipped many people with the healthy sleep habits and the mental health care they need to sleep well.


Michelle has been working long hours the past six months at her job as well as taking night classes two nights a week. She is driven and hard-working. She is also having difficulty falling asleep. Some nights, Michelle lies in bed for hours before dozing off. On a good night, she sleeps about three hours—not enough to fuel her busy life.

The effects of lost sleep are catching up with Michelle. She cannot concentrate at school, and she missed a big deadline at work. While driving home from school last night, she almost fell asleep at the wheel.

Michelle is wondering if she will ever get enough rest again. She has tried everything she knows to do—she has sprayed lavender on her bed and has started drinking chamomile tea at night. Nothing has worked.

Can you relate to Michelle’s experiences? If so, you may be among the many people who suffer with insomnia. Many people are frustrated by sleep disruptions.

If sleep disruptions are also disturbing your daily life, insomnia counseling may be the right next step. Therapy has helped many people restore a good night’s sleep.

How Might Counseling for Insomnia Help?

The counselors at Thriveworks Loudoun County offer holistic treatment. The counseling we offer addresses both useful sleep solutions that can lead to more rest over time, but we also seek out the root causes of the insomnia. There are no quick-fixes or easy paths toward more restful nights, but many people have found this holistic treatment plan effective at restoring a good night’s sleep.

The clients who walk into the Thriveworks Sterling office receive an individualized treatment plan, but examples of issues our therapists may explore to treat the insomnia include….

  • Is there another physical or mental health challenge that may be causing or exacerbating the sleep disruptions?
  • What routines within a person’s day are making sleep more difficult? What habits can be adjusted to promote rest?
  • Could negative, untrue thinking patterns be contributing to the insomnia? For example, beliefs such as I am a terrible sleeper or Not getting enough sleep is my new normal could be self-sabotaging.
  • What relaxation, reflection, or meditation exercises might help this individual?
  • What changes within an individual’s sleep environment might boost sleep or make sleep more likely?

The counselors at Thriveworks Sterling have years of experience helping people understand what may be causing their insomnia—both in their daily habits and in their mental and physical health. We are committed to our clients and seeing them find solutions that work.

Practical Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

Each case of insomnia is unique, and each individual has a distinct path toward more rest. Certain tips may work for some but not for others. A mental health professional can help people identify which practical adjustments may work best for their lifestyle and routine. Such adjustments may include…

  • Setting a standard bedtime and wake up time for every day.
  • Limiting alcohol consumption in general and caffeine consumption to the morning.
  • Sleeping only at night—cutting out any naps or rest during the day.
  • Being in bed only for sleep and sex.

Setting Up an Appointment for Insomnia Counseling at Thriveworks Loudoun County

Are you struggling with sleep disruptions? Is insomnia interrupting your nights and complicating your days? If so, you are not alone. You, like many other people, may also be ready to seek out deeper solutions. If you are ready to speak to a counselor about your insomnia, know that Thriveworks Sterling has appointments available.

Our office wants to see each client receive the help they need when they need it, so we do not keep a waitlist. Instead, new clients often see their therapist within 24 hours of their first call to our office. We also accept many forms of insurance.

If you are ready for more restful nights, Thriveworks Sterling is ready to help. Contact us today for insomnia counseling.

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