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Finding out that your husband or wife has been unfaithful to you is a crushing blow to most spouses. Feelings of rage can turn to feelings of betrayal, worthlessness, and everything in between. Counseling for infidelity is available to couples and individuals to help them negotiate their paths through these emotions.

Reasons for Infidelity

There are many reasons why one person in a marriage will cheat on their spouse. It’s very rarely just one single reason and very rarely just solely one person’s fault within the relationship. Reasons include:

  • Loneliness
  • Feelings of dissatisfaction or detachment
  • Lack of stimulation/boredom
  • Sexual issues between the couple.

As mentioned above, it’s rarely just one of these reasons that will pull the trigger towards infidelity but more often a combination of them; sometimes accumulating over a long period of time. An overall lack of communication and feelings of complacency within a relationship can lead towards the reasons listed above. Counseling for infidelity will explore these reasons and offer guidance as to how a couple can overcome them.

Reasons to get Help

Adultery can literally destroy lives. Outside of the betrayal, anger, worthlessness and despair, it can make people sick with depression; it can break up homes and make two-parent families into one-parent families. It can cause suicide and violence in the worst possible extremes. Counseling for adultery isn’t the whole answer but it can certainly help to make an out-of-control situation controllable again If both parties are willing to let that happen.

Infidelity Counseling

Once a couple has decided to seek counseling for infidelity, they will need to know that it’s not easy. With their counselor, the couple will do the following things:

  • They will relive the affair/situation. The unfaithful partner will tell the faithful partner everything. Every tiny detail
  • The faithful partner will tell the unfaithful partner exactly what he/she has done and what damage he/she has caused
  • They will decide if they can work together to regain trust and build. If so, the counselor will work with them to achieve that.

Getting over infidelity is extremely hard, but it is possible, especially with professional help and guidance from a counselor. If you are struggling right now with this issue, please contact us today.

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