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Persistent Loneliness Leads to other Health Problems

Loneliness results when someone feels sad or distressed about who they are while perceiving a disconnect between themselves and others around them. A recent Harvard study discovered that up to 60% of Americans over age 50 experience loneliness, also called social isolation, in their lives. Overall, women are more prone to loneliness than men. In addition, young people today are feeling lonely and isolated in growing numbers even with the explosive growth of social media, which has actually made the problem worse.

Clinicians have determined that, if not addressed, loneliness leads to myriad health problems including depression, substance abuse, dementia, heart disease and a shorter life span. Here are the main reasons that you or a loved one may experience loneliness:

  • Feelings of loss or grief, for example the recent death of a spouse
  • Poor physical health including situations like a recent medical diagnosis, serious injury and lack of mobility
  • Fear of being rejected by others
  • Retiring from a job after many years of working
  • Family issues which have isolated you
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Lack of purpose or meaning in life
  • Moving permanently from one geographic area to another
  • Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

Symptoms of Loneliness Include these

Loneliness can be very painful for those who are caught up in its clutches. After a period of time, physical and mental health problems can arise from chronic loneliness. Symptoms of chronic loneliness include:

  • Physical ailments like frequent body aches and headaches, and cases where social isolation makes medical conditions like cancer progressively worse
  • Mental issues including depression, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, feeling hopeless and suicidal thoughts
  • Low energy and persistent fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping including insomnia
  • Eating problems running the gamut from loss of appetite to overeating and weight gain
  • Substance abuse involving alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications and illicit drugs

If you or someone you care about presents with one or more of these loneliness signs, the good news is that there are a lot of reliable ways to improve their health, including outpatient coaching and counseling services.

Loneliness can be Overcome Using these Techniques

Whenever a person feels walled off from others it’s best for them to seek some outside assistance. And, there are several effective ways to overcome persistent loneliness and social isolation, such as:

  • Get involved with social functions, church, exercising, going shopping, visiting old friends, and simply getting out into public settings.
  • Volunteer through a church, hospital, school or other venue. Helping people will make you deservedly feel like you are contributing to the well-being of others.
  • Consider obtaining a pet as dogs especially are wonderful companions that actually provide comfort and support during tough times.
  • Become more involved within the community through hobbies, clubs, study groups, political organizations or even consider going back to school.
  • Seek out support through outpatient coaching where a trained professional will be there to discuss your feelings while recommending lifestyle changes.

When it’s Time to Call Our Thriveworks Henrico, VA Loneliness Counselors Stand Ready!

Whether you choose to use any or all of the above recommendations, the bottom line is this: Don’t go it alone. Left untreated, your or your loved one’s social isolation can become progressively more damaging, while the emotional, mental and even physical burden eventually becomes impossible to bear. For more information on loneliness, Thriveworks Short Pump’s coaching services call: 804-205-3408 or visit our Contact page now.

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