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Elliot is a single parent raising two rambunctious toddlers. He works from home most days and found a reliable babysitter to watch the kids on Saturday nights, but he still struggles to balance childcare with his social life and responsibilities. Elliot used to visit a therapist about these issues, but nowadays he can’t imagine regularly bringing his children to a quiet office or paying for additional babysitting.

Fortunately, Elliot discovers the option to contact a counselor over the phone on weekends. While the kids are napping, Elliot has the opportunity to speak with a licensed counselor without worrying about traffic, securing a babysitter, or interrupting his lunch break.

Elliot’s case isn’t unique. Many people interested in exploring the benefits of meeting with a licensed mental health professional can’t seem to fit traditional therapy sessions into their busy schedules. And others find meeting with someone in person to be more daunting than answering the phone or joining a face-to-face video chat.

At Thriveworks in New Orleans, LA we take pride in offering convenient online therapy that works for you.

Available Types of Online Mental Health Services

Online therapy is very similar to in-person therapy. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, living with depression, or something else entirely, speaking to a licensed therapist or counselor virtually can help you address your concerns and get your life back on track.

At Thriveworks, we offer online therapy services such as:

  • Anger and stress management: This psycho-therapeutic program allows you to learn more about feelings of frustration and how to work through them productively with the help of a compassionate and skilled therapist or counselor.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT aims to improve mental health by focusing on the underlying causes of emotional challenges and providing coping strategies. People who undergo CBT learn how to adjust negative or distorted thinking patterns that may be worsening their symptoms.
  • Depression and anxiety therapy: If you’re experiencing prolonged unhappiness or anxiety that interferes with your daily life, therapy for depression or anxiety can help you regain a sense of control over your emotions.
  • Family therapy: Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy specializing in improving communication and resolving interpersonal conflicts between loved ones.
  • Grief and loss counseling: Therapy for coping with grief and loss aims to help people understand and process the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive responses to loss.
  • Life coaching and career counseling: Severe mental health concerns aren’t the only reason to reach out. Life coaches may help strengthen your confidence, introduce you to new opportunities, and present the best version of yourself at work and in your personal life.
  • Marriage and couples counseling: Marriage and couples therapy combines individual and paired sessions to assist couples in communicating better, being vulnerable, and setting healthy boundaries.
  • PTSD counseling and trauma therapy: If you constantly relive an event from your past or have panic attacks triggered by certain environments, PTSD counseling can help treat these issues using therapy, prescribed medication, or a combination of the two.

When you’re ready to address your concerns, consider working with one of our licensed counselors or therapists at Thriveworks in New Orleans, LA. Call or contact us online to schedule your first appointment.

The Advantages of Online Therapy

Online therapy offers added levels of flexibility and comfort that some people may not find in traditional therapy. If you feel hesitant to commit to in-person sessions, or simply don’t want to contend with the commute, virtual teletherapy may be the solution you’ve been seeking.

There are two routes to explore:

  • Video chat counseling: Similar to meeting a professional in their office, video chat counseling allows face-to-face communication from the convenience of wherever you find yourself that day. Prior to your scheduled appointment time, you will receive a link to a video chat room. Once it’s time for your appointment, simply click on the link to join the call and speak with your online therapist or counselor.
  • Telephone counseling: Sometimes the pressure to appear on camera or in-person may feel stressful when all you want is to talk to somebody. If that’s the case, therapy through phone calls might be the solution for you. At your scheduled appointment time, you will receive a call from your counselor to start the session.

Online counseling eliminates many barriers that people face when reaching out for professional mental health support. When you’re ready to give online therapy a try, consider contacting our friendly scheduling team at Thriveworks in New Orleans, LA.

Schedule an Online Counseling Session at Thriveworks in New Orleans, LA

When you’re ready, counselors and therapists in New Orleans, LA are here to help. You can reach out and schedule an appointment from the comfort of your own home using our online booking tool or by calling us today.

Thriveworks also provides text message assistance for booking and billing, along with a flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy. In addition to weekday appointments, we also offer sessions in the evenings and on weekends for your convenience. We’re often able to accommodate same-day or next-day appointments and we accept insurance from many different health insurance providers.

Additionally, we offer great perks for our clients including a 24-hour Q&A with a life coach, exclusive video content, and the opportunity to participate in community discussion boards that are monitored by a trained counselor.

If you’re considering online therapy, reach out to the licensed professionals in Thriveworks Counseling in New Orleans, LA today to get started.

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