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Miami Online Counseling—Online Counselors and Therapists in Miami, FL

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Johnny and Amanda have a longstanding argument about where they should plant their roots. Right now, they live in different time zones, but in just 6 months they’ll be married. And after their wedding, they plan to finally move in together. But they can’t agree on where they’ll call home.
  • Morgan doesn’t feel like her normal laid-back, lighthearted self. Lately, she’s felt on edge and anxious, instead. Her racing thoughts distract her at work and prevent her from making plans with loved ones. She feels safer and more relaxed at home, alone.
  • Andrew has a temper, and everyone knows it—even him. But what he doesn’t know is how to control it and how to better respond during stressful or maddening circumstances. He can’t help but break down and lash out.

All of the individuals above have their own personal struggles, be it relationship issues, the harmful toll of anxiety, or anger management problems. These storylines only just begin to touch on the many and varied challenges that people deal with on a daily basis. The one thing that these people have in common, though, is that they can learn to better manage or deal with their given problem in counseling.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;

the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

–Khalil Gibran

Counseling helps people achieve optimal mental and emotional health. And online counseling helps people achieve this optimal wellbeing, from the security, comfort, and convenience of home. If you are at a point in your life in which you think you could benefit from working with a counselor, consider scheduling online counseling at Thriveworks Miami, FL. We have online counselors and therapists who are happy to help you virtually. Just call our office (305) 307-5162 to schedule or learn more.

How Can Online Counseling Benefit My Life?

Online counseling can benefit every life differently. For example, it might help one person work through confusing and harmful symptoms of a mental illness; it might help someone else make up with their loved ones. Let’s return to the examples above, to better understand how online counseling can help:

  1. An online counselor can help Johnny and Amanda have a productive, patient conversation about the problem at hand. A couples therapist, premarital counselor, or marriage counselor can serve as that third party mediator and also offer Johnny and Amanda essential tools for communicating effectively and making a decision that will best benefit their relationship.
  2. An online counselor can help Morgan trace the roots of her anxious thoughts and feelings. An anxiety therapist, in specific, can also assist her in managing these symptoms and getting back to that laid-back, lighthearted individual Morgan used to be.
  3. An online counselor can help Andrew learn how to better manage his anger. An anger management counselor will likely be the best fit for Andrew, as this type of professional can assist Andrew in understanding where his angry tendencies come from, better tune into his emotions, and respond more productively to his anger.

As you can see from the above examples, online counselors can make a difference in their clients’ lives. Now, the exact benefits will vary from person to person, depending on what they are dealing with and what’s brought them into counseling. What challenges are you prominent in your life right now? How do you think an online counselor could help you? Begin online counseling today to work on these problems and find out for yourself!

Schedule Online Therapy at Thriveworks Miami Counseling

Thriveworks Miami Counseling offers online counseling for many reasons. First, it’s a convenient option that allows many people to utilize mental health services who maybe couldn’t make counseling work before. Second, many people find that working with a counselor online is more comfortable—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. This comfort allows these individuals to open up to their provider more readily and make progress more quickly.

Also, online counseling enables people to receive mental health help, even when they’re feeling a little under the weather, they live far from a local office, or the country enforces a stay-at-home order during a pandemic. The truth is that we never know what might come our way, and online counseling better ensures that we are still able to attend our counseling session. If you like what you hear and you’re interested in starting a relationship with an online counselor, reach out to Thriveworks Miami Counseling. We’ll get you scheduled today, and we might even be able to introduce you to your online counselor within 24-48 hours of your call.

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