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Amanda has been suffering in silence for months now. She knows that she needs to talk to someone, but she can’t bring herself to go to her local therapy office. She doesn’t want anyone to see her there, as she hasn’t talked to her friends or family about how she’s feeling.

While she knows that her loved ones would support her in what she’s going through, she doesn’t want to burden them with what she’s feeling. Combined with her fear of going to in-person therapy, she decides to pursue online counseling. Together with a licensed mental health professional, Amanda begins learning how to cope with her depression and starts to feel like herself again.

Amanda is just one of the millions of American adults who struggle to manage their depression every year. While conditions like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders can feel isolating, know that you’re not alone. Whether you’re struggling to communicate with a family member or need a boost of confidence, online counselors and therapists are trained to guide you through.

The licensed professional counselors and therapists at Thriveworks Counseling in Indianapolis, IN are dedicated to providing every one of their clients with uplifting, holistic care. Unlike traditional therapy, online counseling gives you the ability to connect with your therapist or counselor from your home, office, car, or any other comfortable space you prefer.

If you’re battling a mental health issue and are considering working with an online counselor, give our office in Indianapolis a call. One of our scheduling specialists will work with you to find a time that best fits your schedule.

What Is Online Counseling? What Makes It Special?

Online counseling isn’t that different from traditional in-person therapy. It’s just over the phone or video chat rather than in an office setting. Here at Thriveworks in Indianapolis, we offer our clients two convenient options to choose from. They are:

  1. Phone Counseling: At the agreed-upon time, your counselor will give you a call. All you have to do is answer your phone.
  2. Video Chat Counseling: Similar to the phone counseling option, you will set an appointment time with your counselor. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a link that will take you to the video chat room. Then you can begin working with your therapist over a live chat.

Both options are simple and easy. If you are wondering which option might be the right fit for you, you might benefit from trying out both options to see what best fits you and your needs. Just let our scheduling specialists know which option you’d like to start with.

Like we briefly touched on before, online mental health services give some added benefits that in-person therapy can’t. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Online counseling is a comfortable option. Being able to talk from the place that makes you feel the most comfortable and safe often allows clients to open up even more than they would in a traditional setting.
  2. Convenience also plays a big role in online counseling. You can talk to your licensed therapist from your car if you need to, from your desk at work, at home, and even while you’re away on vacation.
  3. One of the greatest benefits of this option is that it’s just as effective as in-person counseling. You won’t have to worry about making less progress if you choose this option.

Help Through Life’s Difficulties

As you’ve probably gathered by now, teletherapy is a great option for most people. The reasons why people seek out the assistance of a licensed counselor vary but one thing remains the same—Thriveworks’ mental health professionals will offer the unwavering support you need to tackle any challenge you’re facing.

This form of counseling is good for anyone who is seeking:

  • Depression counseling
  • Anxiety therapy
  • Teen counseling
  • Child therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Couples therapy or marriage counseling
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Trauma therapy
  • Life coaching
  • Psychiatry
  • And more!

These are just some of the areas that we provide assistance with. Your Thriveworks counselor might utilize various methods including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, psychotherapy, traditional talk therapy, assessments, and management techniques. Just remember that getting mental health help is a smart decision and being here is already a step in the right direction.

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We pride ourselves in offering highly accessible, client-focused mental health care. When you choose to work with Thriveworks, you’ll get to experience same- and next-day appointments, evening and weekend sessions, and many other competitive benefits.

When you’re ready to take the next step, book your session online through our portal or give our office a call. Our team looks forward to hearing from you and starting this journey together.

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