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Your coworkers and boss lean on you. You are the go-to person in the office, and your hard work is paying off. After a few promotions, you are positioned for an executive title. There is only one problem. With each promotion came more responsibility and more time requirements and more stress. Life is not necessarily better. Personally and professionally, you are facing new challenges—problems that may or may not have solutions. Maybe you can identify with some of these circumstances:

  • After adding another child to your family, the sleep deprivation is taking its toll. Concentrating at work is difficult, and you find yourself more and more wanting to spend your time differently. What would it look like to restructure your current work/life balance?
  • Your aging parents have growing needs and demands upon your attention. They have some in-home care, but they need more. You and your siblings are disagreeing about how to proceed. What would it look like to navigate your own career, your parents’ needs, and your siblings’ opinions without losing your sanity?
  • A recent diagnosis has made it clear that life must be slower. Unfortunately, with your fast-paced job, that may or may not be an option. You need to have a conversation with your employer. How can you best approach the idea of restructuring your work pace?
  • Your teen is struggling, and you have no idea what to do next. You have tried everything you know, but her grades are still falling. Life in the same home seems impossible because she is angry all of the time. What are your options? How can you help her and take care of yourself?
  • Your job and personal life are going well, but you think that within the next few years, you want to make some big changes personally and professionally. You wish you had a sounding board to plan out those next steps.

Many are struggling with growing demands upon their lives—both personally and professionally. These obligations may be welcomed but overwhelming. They may be unforeseen and frustrating. In either case, making adjustments in life is necessary, but it is rarely easy. Many people are turning to life coaches to help them with the support they need to navigate some of life’s trickiest situations.

The life coaches at Thriveworks understand because they have helped many people overcome life’s demands. Everyone needs a safe place, a sounding board, and help from time to time. Our life coaches love to listen, understand, advise, and mentor their clients.

Life Coaching, Self-Knowledge, and Growth

When people have to make tough decisions, one of the best steps they can take is to let their own priorities and values guide those decisions. In order for this to happen, people must know what those priorities and values are. This self-knowledge may sound simple, but it is often more difficult that it appears. Distractions can pull people away from their own values without them even knowing it. Friends and family members and partners and spouses and kids pull at priorities. In the mix, what you care about and who you are can be erased.

Life coaches often work with their clients to help them understand who they are and what they value. One of the many ways they do this is through “The Miracle Question.” The exercise can take a number of forms, but the basic idea is that it gives people a time to dream. If you woke up tomorrow and if a miracle had occurred, what would it look like? What about your life would be different? When working through the miracle question, life coaches may ask…

    Where would you live if you could relocate anywhere in the world? With whom? And why would you make that choice?

  • What educational opportunities would be available to you? What would you want study and learn about?
  • How do you relax? If you had a sabbatical, what would you do with that time? What recharges you?
  • What kind of relationships do you want to cultivate? What kind of partner or parent or sibling do you want to be?

Life coaches can often help people translate their answer to the miracle question into real-life adjustments that improve their well-being. Because the miracle question suspends reality, the answers to it do not translate into action steps, but instead, the answers give insights into what people care about. In many ways, these insights are helpful as people make life goals and as they face unforeseen circumstances.

When people want the big family and the advancing career, they need to plan. Goals that break the process down and keep them focused are often necessary. Life coaches may help people set reasonable and achievable yet challenging goals that keep them on track in life.

Life can also throw a curveball. Unforeseen circumstances can leave the most competent people bewildered and confused. How do you navigating dating while being a single parent when you never thought you would be in those circumstances in the first place? What does it look like to reach out for extra support during cancer treatment? And the list could go on and on. Life coaches can often be a trusted guidance over life’s roadblocks.

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