Marriage Therapists in Hampstead, NC—Therapy and Counseling

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Marriage Therapists in Hampstead, NC—Therapy and Counseling

Marriage is the natural next step for many couples: those who have been together for multiple years as well as those who recently met but couldn’t imagine being apart now. The problem is that these couples sometimes forget that the work doesn’t stop after they tie the knot. In fact, sometimes we experience even more challenging problems when we enter marriage. Every single relationship—whether a couple is married, engaged, or dating—requires dedicated time and effort daily.

“A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together.

It is when an imperfect couples learns to enjoy their differences.”

–Dave Meurer

Unfortunately, many of these couples decide that marriage isn’t for them and decide to separate. This is a result of the problems they experience and fail to address properly. The good news, though, is that there is another solution for couples struggling to work through the obstacles in their way: and that’s marriage therapy. Before you and your husband or wife decide that divorce is the only solution, consider working with a marriage therapist.

We have marriage therapists on staff here at Thriveworks Hampstead. These professionals are experts at helping their clients to work through the issues in their relationship and create a much happier, healthier dynamic. If you think that you and your spouse could find value in working with a marriage therapist, call Thriveworks Hampstead today at (651) 212-2609. Our marriage therapists want to meet with you to help you solve your marital problems right away.

Do My Spouse and I Need Marriage Therapy?

Sometimes, life gets a little hectic and we fail to make our marriage a priority. The list of chores never ends, the kids’ demands keep on coming, and work is more than chaotic. Before we know it, another day has come to an end… and we’ve barely spoken a word to our spouse. This lack of communication, attention, and care can become a big problem if it becomes consistent—not to mention it can create or add to additional problems, too.

Fortunately, as we mentioned earlier, a marriage therapist at Thriveworks Hampstead can help you and your spouse overcome communication issues, as well as other challenges! Here’s a list of some of these additional challenges:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Jealousy
  • Trust issues
  • Parenting disagreements
  • Different visions for the future

Regardless of whether you and your spouse face any of the issues listed above, a Thriveworks Hampstead marriage therapist can prove valuable to your relationship. They can help you to identify what’s going wrong (and what’s going right) in your marriage, and then help you to fix those weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Why Is Marriage Therapy So Effective?

Marriage therapy is like couples therapy, in that it aims to help couples improve their relationship and resolve conflicts. The only difference is that marriage therapy is specifically tailored to help married couples. Your Thriveworks Hampstead marriage therapist will first understand the dynamics of your marriage, as well as any problems you are currently experiencing. Then, they will experiment with several different therapy techniques to help you and your spouse work through the problems and ultimately improve your relationship.

Marriage therapists don’t just help clients who are struggling to address jealousy, mistrust, or other identifiable issues. They also help couples to improve their conflict resolution so that they can properly resolve any problems that arise in the future. The main mission in marriage therapy is to equip two individuals with the tools they need to foster a happy, healthy relationship for years to come.

Schedule a Marriage Therapy Session at Thriveworks Hampstead

Every relationship faces adversity—which means that every relationship can benefit from working with a therapist at Thriveworks Hampstead. If you see the value that you and your spouse could find in marriage therapy, call Thriveworks Hampstead today at (651) 212-2609 to schedule an appointment.

Thriveworks Hampstead only works with the best providers. These individuals are experts in mental health, with unique experience, skills, and specialties. Additionally, they truly care about you and want to help you live a better life. Call today to schedule. We can’t wait to begin working with you.

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