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Rainy and her family love to get together during the holidays. It’s a tradition—and a way for everyone to mingle, catch up, and get closer, especially as she and her siblings have gotten older. But unfortunately, the holiday season always brings with it a lot of tension. Rainy does her best to get along with everyone, but she can’t help but notice the snide comments and passive-aggressive behavior that seems to run rampant among herself, her siblings, and her parents. 

This year, Rainy wants to change that dynamic but hasn’t been sure how. But after some reading online, Rainy is considering whether she and her family members could benefit from attending family counseling. She’s hopeful that a mental health professional could help to mediate their discussion. And with online counseling as an option, they could all find time to connect, too. 

Maybe you’re in Rainy’s position and you’re unsure of how to resolve the family issues that are preventing you and your relatives from being able to connect with each other. At Thriveworks in Gilbert, AZ, our family counselors can help. With expert guidance and insight, getting closer to one another has never been easier. 

Does Our Family Need Family Counseling? 

There’s no universal rule that dictates if a family needs to seek counseling services. And at Thriveworks in Gilbert, AZ we believe that any family, regardless of their situation, can benefit from talking with one of our counselors. With that in mind, there are common indications of negative dynamics and toxicity between family members, such as: 

  • Persistent anxiety over financial issues or relationship difficulties 
  • Undiagnosed mental health conditions or disorders 
  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Feelings of resentment or hostility 
  • Unruly behavioral issues in children or teens 

Additionally, it’s common for some family members to feel hesitant or hostile towards the idea of seeking family counseling services. This is normal, and it’s often due to them not understanding how a family counselor will benefit them and their relatives. If you or another family member feels closed off to counseling services, we understand. But remember—our providers aren’t going to choose sides, chastise, or berate anyone for the issues you need help with. Our family counselor’s sole focus is on helping you all to reconnect and to strengthen your shared relationships. 

How Can a Family Counselor Help Us?

It’s understandable if you or other family members are feeling uncertain about sharing the details of your relationships with a mental health professional. But by doing, you’ll gain the opportunity to start healing, and to close the distance that divides you. Our family counselors are committed to assisting relatives with the process of working through tough issues and buried emotional pain; while it can be hard, the rewards can be tremendous. Family counselors can assist you and your relatives by: 

  • Creating and promoting newfound respect for personal boundaries and healthy communication
  • Offering encouragement, enabling you to empathize and compromise with one another 
  • Working through mental health conditions with family members to find new emotional balance and well-being 
  • Having balanced dialogue and candid discussion

Our family counselors are committed to assisting relatives with the process of working through tough issues and buried emotional pain; while it can be hard, the rewards can be tremendous. And if your family is separated by physical distance, you may find online counseling to be an appealing choice. All you need is a reliable internet connection and somewhere private to talk. With online family counseling at Thriveworks in Gilbert, AZ, finding and connecting with the right provider has never been easier. 

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If your family has been suffering from negative dynamics that limit communication and cross personal boundaries, then consider if it’s time to confide in a family counselor at Thriveworks in Gilbert, AZ. Call us when you’re ready, and one of our scheduling specialists will assist you with the scheduling process. With their help, you can easily set up your insurance, find the right session time, and choose the perfect provider for your needs. And after you’ve become a client, you’ll get access to exclusive benefits, including: 

  • Weekend and evening session availability
  • Email contact with your provider in-between session
  • Our Q/A ask a coach option: for questions that can’t wait till the next session
  • Scheduling assistance from our specialists, 7 days a week 
  • 23.5 hr cancellation

Family counseling might be able to offer you and your loved ones the stability and tools necessary to address the issues that have divided you. Our qualified team of mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Gilbert, AZ can provide you with what your family needs to reconnect and grow together. While family counseling isn’t a reset button, it can help you and your family find solid ground once again. 

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