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Allison hasn’t talked with her brother Chris since they got in a fight last year over the holidays. It was a big argument, but still typical for both of them. Whether it’s over politics or where to have Thanksgiving, the rest of the family can count on both of them disagreeing and having a long argument about it, too. However, that’s a dynamic that Allison and Chris both want to change—but they need help to do so. 

That’s why she and Chris have agreed to talk with a family therapist in order to start healing their relationship. Although there’s a lot of ground to cover, they both hope that an impartial third party provider could help them talk things through more efficiently. With time and coping skills and de-escalation tactics, Allison is confident that she and her brother can resolve their issues, and make family time more enjoyable for themselves and for the rest of their family, too.

Perhaps you’re also looking for a family therapist to help you and your family members to overcome resentment, hostility, and other emotions that are harming your relationships. Thriveworks in Gainesville, FL has providers who can assist you: Our family therapists can offer you and your loved ones new ways to communicate and compromise. If you’re feeling open to the ways that a provider from Thriveworks could help you and your family to 

Should We Talk to a Family Therapist?  

Instead of wondering whether therapy is needed, it’s better to remember that a therapist or counselor can help improve anyone’s interpersonal relationships, no matter their age or situation. That’s because family therapy is about removing the obstacles preventing you from seeing each other and communicating healthily.  

Family therapy is something that will benefit you and your loved ones at any stage in your relationship, regardless. Interpersonal relationships and personalities will vary between families, but our family therapists at Thriveworks in Gainesville, FL can help extended families or households who are struggling with: 

  • Persistent anxiety over financial issues or relationship difficulties 
  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Feelings of resentment or hostility between relatives
  • Unruly behavioral issues in children or teens 
  • Undiagnosed mental health conditions or disorders 

These are only a few of the many ways that our home and family lives can become unpleasant and hostile. Use your own judgment to determine if your own family’s dynamics are out of line and could be repaired with professional assistance. The family therapists at Thriveworks in Gainesville, FL can address your unique concerns and help you figure out what solutions will work best. 

How Can a Family Counselor Help?

Our family therapists can help families by: 

  • Providing assistance and encouragement as you engage in balanced dialogue and candid discussion
  • Addressing how to deal with potential conflict outside of your therapy or counseling sessions
  • Creating and promoting newfound respect for personal boundaries and healthy communication
  • Working through mental health conditions with family members to find new emotional balance and well-being 
  • Mediating conversations between relatives, enabling you to empathize and compromise with one another respectfully  

Session by session, a family therapist can help you all to start implementing coping methods and communication strategies to help you compromise with your parents, siblings, spouse, and kids. With a counselor’s help, even when you’re frustrated or angry, you’ll have the tools you need to avoid the conversation spiraling into an unproductive argument. 

We also offer online counseling options, so even if relatives don’t live together or nearby, they can still: 

  • Engage with a family therapist simultaneously
  • Attend therapy or counseling from home, the office, or while traveling
  • Talk with a mental health professional while looking after young children or elderly relatives

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If your family is ready, you can call our office to schedule an appointment—or you can book online, quickly and conveniently. Our scheduling specialists are standing by and can assist you with each step of the scheduling process. And by choosing to become a Thriveworks client, you’ll gain access to exclusive perks, including: 

  • High-touch scheduling assistance from our specialists, 7 days a week 
  • Ultra-flexible cancellation policy: Call before your scheduled time to cancel, free of charge.
  • Same and next-day availability
  • Weekend and evening session availability
  • Email contact with your provider in-between sessions

Choosing to confide in a family therapist with Thriveworks in Gainesville, FL is a proactive step toward building a better home life. And for extended family, or for those with empty nests, you can still foster healthier connections between your loved ones and yourself with virtual counseling. Family therapists can offer you hope and guidance when interpersonal dynamics become negative. You can turn to Thriveworks for support when it’s needed—any family can benefit from talking to one of our experienced providers. 

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