Anxiety Therapy  in Evergreen Park, IL

Anxiety Therapy in Evergreen Park, IL

Trevor finds himself overthinking constantly. It’s an aggravating habit, one that he’s had trouble with for as long as he could remember. But instead of being able to stop, it seems like his brain gets stuck in thought loops, fixating his mind on situations that make him anxious, nervous, or apprehensive. Whether they’re real or imaginary, his worries often take him away from his present moment—something that’s prevented Trevor from enjoying many of the milestones in his life. From getting his master’s degree to looking back on his wedding day, Trevor primarily remembers the anxiety associated with each event and feels unable to celebrate his successes. 

But instead of continuing to let his overthinking prevent him from moving forward, Trevor has decided that it’s time he talks with a mental health professional, someone who can help him start managing his anxiety. He hopes that through attending regular anxiety therapy sessions, he’ll form a professional connection with his provider, a professional relationship that will allow them both to explore the sources of his anxiety and identify ways to manage his symptoms. 

You may also be looking to find relief from the disruptive symptoms of your own anxiety. Don’t face your symptoms alone—get in touch with a provider at Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL. With help from a therapist or counselor, you can use anxiety therapy as a tool to start achieving your mental health goals. 

Do I Have Anxiety? What Are the Symptoms?

Anxiety manifests differently in everyone, so determining whether you have recurring anxiety will take place on a case-by-case basis.  With that in mind, there are several common symptoms that may serve as warning signs when someone is constantly anxious. You may have anxiety if you experience the following: 

  • Racing thoughts, inability to focus on daily tasks 
  • Constant fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Constantly feeling stressed 
  • Desire to avoid social encounters 
  • Reliving traumatic experiences in dreams or flashbacks

It’s important to note that if you’re diagnosed by one of our providers, you may find that your personal experience with anxiety varies. Until you talk with a provider, it’s a better idea to avoid self-diagnosing. Instead, call our office to connect with a licensed professional at Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL to and find the treatment method that suits you best.  

How Can Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL Help Me with My Anxiety?

Our therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists can help you to better manage, understand, and mitigate the symptoms of anxiety that you may be feeling. While our providers can all assist you effectively, their treatment approaches may vary. Our counselors and therapists can help to treat anxiety by:

  • Teaching clients coping mechanisms to use in real-life, anxiety-inducing situations
  • Using talk therapy or behavioral therapy to promote self-awareness 
  • Helping family members or partners to understand their loved one’s anxiety through relationship therapy or family counseling 

In comparison, psychiatrists differ in that they… 

  • Are medical doctors 
  • Can prescribe helpful medication that assists clients in managing the disruptive, damaging symptoms of anxiety 
  • Can use a combination of therapy and prescriptions that may treat more severe cases of anxiety more successfully

The Different Anxiety Disorders

“Anxiety” as we commonly think of it actually refers to a cluster of closely related mental health disorders. There are many different types of anxiety, but some of the most common that our therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists can help you to manage are: 

  • Social anxiety disorder: Social anxiety induces distress while engaging with other people, for whatever reason. Everything from grocery runs to birthday parties can be cumbersome, fear-filled events.
  • Panic disorder: Panic disorder can cause panic attacks. These physical episodes might result in dizziness, chest pain, vertigo, and nausea. 
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): GAD causes anxiety in different scenarios, whether real or imagined. This disorder can be difficult to identify because it isn’t triggered by any single source of anxiety. 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): This disorder often induces irrational thought loops, or impulses to perform random physical actions in repetition. 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): PTSD, can occur in anyone that has been through a psychologically or physically painful event. Those who suffer from it are often privy to flashbacks to traumatic events, nightmares, and antisocial behavior.

Schedule Anxiety Help at Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL

It can be difficult to manage persistent anxiety on your own, but with one of our provider’s help, you may enjoy newfound relief. If you’re interested in moving forward with scheduling an anxiety therapy session, call our office to get started. When you do, our scheduling team will help you with everything from setting up your insurance,  to helping you find the right provider, even if there’s no one in your area. 

Plus, choosing to enroll with Thriveworks opens the door to a host of great benefits, such as: 

  • Online therapy options 
  • Email access to your provider outside of sessions as needed 
  • Evening and weekend scheduling availability
  • The digital edition of “Leaving Depression Behind” and other electronic mental health resources 
  • Our Therapy Buddy app—a great way to measure your progress as you advance through therapy or psychiatric care 

Anxiety doesn’t have to control the decisions you make in life. Getting professional support through anxiety therapy at Thriveworks may help alleviate the persistent and uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety that you’re experiencing. Call our office in Evergreen Park, IL to get started today. 

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