Find an Online Therapist in Evergreen Park, IL

Find an Online Therapist in Evergreen Park, IL

Daniel likes taking time every year to vacation; the more days he can get off, the better. This year, Daniel vacationed alone, backpacking for several days in the mountains. Coming back home, he was happy to share his adventure tales with coworkers and his friends—but Daniel still wished he hadn’t spent the whole trip by himself. In fact, Daniel is growing weary of always feeling alone, a sensation that’s burdened him for years. 

But this time, Daniel wants to explore the reasons why he’s feeling so lonely. And to get help, he wants to talk with an online therapist, someone who has the expertise and empathy needed to help him start addressing his emotional pain. Although Daniel’s unsure of where to begin talking about his loneliness, he hopes that by being open and honest with his provider, they will be able to help him start bettering his emotional health. 

Like Daniel, you may also be looking to talk to an online therapist to find relief through counseling or therapy. At Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL our online therapists can help you start achieving your mental health goals, and our flexible scheduling options eliminate the hassle of finding the right session time. Call Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL to set up your online session today. 

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy can be an attractive option for those with odd work schedules, family obligations, or health issues that could prevent them from commuting to a provider’s office. And for those who may feel nervous about speaking with a therapist in person, it could be easier to communicate virtually. 

With online therapy at Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL you’ll be able to easily connect with your provider on your own terms. As long as you’ve got reliable internet access and somewhere private to talk, attending sessions has never been easier. We’ve also taken steps to ensure that: 

  • Online therapy is safe and secure: We abide by the strictest HIPAA regulations to protect your privacy and personal information.
  • Online therapy is effective: Online therapy provides the same level of professionalism and attention as an in-person session.

We’ve streamlined our client experience for you; regardless of if you’re a couple seeking relationship guidance or someone trying to understand the challenges life has placed in your lap, our online therapists have the skills and empathy needed to help you feel better.  

Should I Talk to an Online Therapist?

Absolutely—anyone can benefit from talking with one of our therapists or counselors. Therapy isn’t about trying to be perfect—it’s about learning to adapt to what life has dealt us by examining both the past and present. Online therapy provides you with virtual access to a therapist’s tips and guidance on coping with grief, anger, frustration, and more. 

One of the main benefits of talking with a mental health professional is that they can help to diagnose and treat different mental health conditions. Symptoms of different conditions will often vary, so it’s better not to try and diagnose yourself. However, it’s still important to note that signs of potential mental health conditions might manifest themselves as: 

  • An unusually short temper 
  • Fatigue or insomnia 
  • Lack of interest in sex 
  • Lack of interest in hobbies, relationships, or social gatherings 
  • Persistent feelings of loneliness and sadness 
  • Paranoia

Benefits of Online Therapy

With online therapy, a mental health professional can work with you to address specific situations that may be causing you distress, including: 

  • Anxiety-inducing events like financial hardship or losing a job
  • Relationship or marital issues
  • Depression, or feelings of loneliness 
  • Intense feelings of grief or anger

And online therapy isn’t just for individuals; for families, couples, or even friends, online therapy can be a great way to prioritize your relationship, even if you’re living separately. Reconnect and establish healthy communication with the ones you care about with the support of an online therapist at Thriveworks. 

Schedule an Online Therapy Session at Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL 

To make finding the right online therapist easier, we have a dedicated team of scheduling specialists to help you. They’re standing by seven days a week to guide you through the process of receiving online therapy. From finding the right provider to setting up your insurance, they’ve got you covered. And when you choose to become an enrollee at Thriveworks, you’ll gain instant access to insider benefits, including: 

  • Same and next day appointment availability 
  • Weekend and evening session times 
  • See a provider that’s not in your immediate area
  • Make time for your mental health in-between work and family 
  • Make family counseling or relationship therapy a possibility, regardless of how far apart you are
  • Save time—97% of our clients report that their sessions often begin before or right at their allotted time

If you’ve been waiting to experience what better mental health could look like for you, then perhaps it’s time that you gave online therapy a try. With our industry-leading providers and convenient virtual services at Thriveworks in Evergreen Park, IL, we’ve made it easy for you to prioritize your mental health needs, without sacrificing your time.

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