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John and Erica have been together for 3 months now. They’ve thoroughly enjoyed this time together and call themselves “soulmates.” Their loved ones approve, much to their excitement. Soon enough, they start discussing the prospect of marriage. Flash forward to a year into their relationship: John and Erica still love each other wholeheartedly—but they’ve stumbled upon a few challenges. For instance, John and Erica have different priorities at this point in life. John is focused on his career and traveling in their spare time. Erica, on the other hand, is ready to settle down. To get married and have a family. Both John and Erica are frustrated with the other for not sharing in their current lifestyle.

Behind every happy couples lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interference to be that way. Why? Because it’s what they wanted. –Kim George

Differing priorities is a common problem in relationships. Working through this challenge isn’t always a piece of cake. Fortunately, doing so can be made easier with the help of a couples therapist. Couples therapists are trained to help couples work through these and other relationship issues. In addition to their training, they have developed specific skills and gained experience working with many couples—of whom run into challenges just like John and Erica and every other couple out there.

Couples therapy at Thriveworks Edison Therapy takes their mental health care up a notch. Not only do they have the skills, training, and experience to help, but they truly care about their clients. They will utilize all of these elements to design an individualized approach to treatment just for you and your partner. So, if you and your partner could use a little help in working through a particularly difficult problem, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Edison Therapy. Or, if you and your partner are merely interested in improving a certain aspect of your relationship, we’re happy to help you with that, too. Either way, just give us a call. We’re here to help.

How Does Couples Therapy at Thriveworks Edison Work?

Couples therapy is designed to help couples work through the challenges in their relationship and/or improve their relationship as whole. It’s for new couples, who would like to improve their communication; it’s for couples who have been together for 5+ years who are struggling to get on the same page; it’s for new and old couples, with or without serious relationship issues.

That said, many of the couples who do seek out couples therapy do so because their relationship is suffering. Here are several common relationship issues that can be confronted in couples therapy:

  • Infidelity
  • Poor communication
  • Resentment
  • Financial stress
  • Parenting stress or disagreements
  • Differing priorities
  • Opposing visions for the future
  • Addiction or substance abuse

The reason that many couples in couples therapy are suffering severely is that oftentimes, we wait until the very last minute to reach out for help. We do everything we can to resolve our problems ourselves. Why? Because we fear being judged or being seen as weak. We want you to know that choosing to work with a couples therapist is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it shows your true commitment to your relationship and your desire to make it work. In addition, we want you to know that there is no space for judgment at Thriveworks Edison Therapy. We will provide you with a safe space for working through your challenges and improving your relationship. And we’ll help you do it.

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Couples therapy is an important and beneficial mental health service. As you can see in the list above, it has the potential to help people work through varying challenges. In addition, it can help couples better prepare themselves for challenges they might run into in the future. And, of course, it can help people to lay a stronger foundation for their relationship moving forward.

There are many benefits to discover and enjoy in couples therapy. If you think that you and your significant other could benefit from working with relationship expert—whether the current state of your relationship is poor, or you’d simply like to improve your already-happy-and-healthy relationship—consider reaching out to Thriveworks Edison Therapy. We have couples therapists and counselors who can provide you with this relationship help in in-person or online counseling. To schedule your appointment, simply call our office. We look forward to it!

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