Get Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Cypress, TX

Get Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Cypress, TX

Thomas recently broke up with his girlfriend of six years. He hasn’t been taking it well, and it’s been difficult watching himself sink further into feeling overwhelmed. Some days, it seems as though he’s lost track of time, while others seem to speed by before his eyes. Though he wants to confide in someone, Thomas doesn’t really have anyone close that he can trust, which makes sharing the burden of his dark feelings even heavier. 

While putting off a decision is tempting, Thomas realizes that if he continues to avoid what he’s feeling, his mental health may continue to get worse. And if he’s being honest with himself, Thomas is worried that he’s depressed. Thankfully, he knows that reaching out to a mental health professional will make a difference. By turning to a provider for depression therapy, Thomas hopes that he can get himself back on track and start enjoying life once again. 

Like Thomas, you may also be feeling isolated and overwhelmed if you’re suffering from depression. At Thriveworks in Cypress, TX we have the mental health professionals who can help you manage your depression. Confide in one of our therapists or psychiatrists.

What Are the Symptoms of Depression? 

Depression may have unique triggers and symptoms, depending on the person. However, for many people, depression may manifest itself as: 

  • Overeating or avoiding eating
  • Feeling chronically fatigued 
  • A noted lack of interest in sex, hobbies, or relationships
  • Feeling distant from loved ones and friends 
  • Decreased work performance
  • Lack of self-care (i.e. personal hygiene or a clean living environment)
  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol to cope with emotional pain 

The best way to know if you have depression is to be diagnosed by a licensed mental health professional. It’s tempting to try and figure it out ourselves, but by being closed off to professional help, we can often prolong the amount of time we spend suffering from a mental health condition. When you sit down to talk to a mental health professional at Thriveworks in Cypress, TX you’ll have the opportunity to explain how you’re feeling. Your provider will listen to you, and then use your feedback to help you better understand and manage your depression. 

What Are My Treatment Options for Depression? 

Your treatment will vary depending on your personal preferences, as well as the severity of your depression. For some people with more manageable cases of depression, talking to a therapist or psychologist offers a great way to cope with their painful symptoms, and can help them learn ways to mitigate depression’s effect on their daily life. 

For other clients, especially those with more disruptive instances of depression, psychiatric care is often the preferred choice. Being both a licensed therapist and a medical doctor, a psychiatrist can offer a unique treatment method involving prescription medication with the possibility of therapy, as well. 

Are There Different Types of Depression? 

Yes, and your provider’s treatment methods may also depend on the type of depression that you’re diagnosed with. It’s important to note that there are many different types of depression, but some of the most common that our providers can treat include: 

  • Major depressive disorder: This condition captures the popular perception of depression. Those with major depression experience emotional detachment and hopelessness. These factors usually take away from their work, relationships and hobbies. 
  • Postpartum depression: Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that arises after a woman gives birth. Women who undergo caesarian sections or experience a miscarriage are even more likely to experience this type of depression.
  • Minor depression: As the name suggests, minor depression is related to major depression—it’s typically severe in its effect and duration. Still, those with this condition still will seem distant, withdrawn, or overwhelmed with sadness. Minor depression can be harder to detect. 
  •  Bipolar disorder: This mental health condition can alter someone’s emotions wildly, ranging from elation in one moment to overwhelming despair in the next. Those with bipolar disorder might find it hard to maintain close relationships or jobs due to their unpredictable mood swings. 

Schedule a Counseling or Psychiatry Session at Thriveworks in Cypress, TX

Call our office in Cypress, TX if you feel like talking with a mental health professional about your depression could make a difference. Opening up to a provider who cares may make a big difference. And to make the process hassle-free, we’ve made enrolling and getting treatment from our mental health professionals as easy as possible. With the help of our scheduling team, everything from setting up your insurance to finding the perfect mental health professional is made easier. 

While coping with depression can feel overwhelming, with the guidance and support of a mental health professional, depression can be managed and even cured. Call Thriveworks in Cypress, TX to take your life back from depression. You can thrive—we can help. 

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