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Hannah and Kesha had been best friends since elementary school. They’d grown up together, gone to Texas A&M, and had been bridesmaids at each other’s weddings. But recently they’d had a huge falling out and they were both heartbroken not to be in each other’s lives anymore. Their husbands had tried to get involved to smooth things over between their wives, but the men only seemed to make things worse. Even Kesha and Hannah’s mothers had gotten involved, because they were friends too. But no one could resolve the conflict, and the months dragged on with no contact between the women. They were both feeling depressed and lonely about losing the friendship. What could they do? 

Hannah and Kesha should reach out to a friendship therapist at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX. A friendship therapist is like a licensed family and marriage therapist (LMFT), but they specialize in helping friends overcome conflicts through professional couples counseling. The licensed therapist at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX can meet with the women online so they don’t have to be in the same room at first during therapy sessions. Online friendship therapy could be a great first step toward healing their lifelong bond. 

How Can Online Counselors and Therapists Help Me?

Online counselors and virtual therapists (e-therapists) at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX provide expert, compassionate care to clients who prefer to meet online instead of in-person. The licensed mental health providers at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX can treat a variety of mental health conditions and issues, like the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Medication management 
  • Eating disorders
  • Panic attack disorder
  • Sex or gambling addiction
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Family and/or marriage conflicts
  • Friendship conflicts
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Phobias like agoraphobia and fear of flying
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Stress
  • Loss of pleasure doing things you used to enjoy (anhedonia)
  • Manic depression
  • Personality disorders like borderline 
  • Grief
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Insomnia

Some treatments, like medication management, may require online sessions with a licensed Thriveworks psychiatrist (or telepsychiatrist). Only psychiatrists, not psychologists, can prescribe psychotropic drugs like antidepressants and mood stabilizers. 

What Are the Benefits of Seeing a Therapist Online?

Online therapy and counseling services at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX benefit clients in a number of scientifically proven and more esoteric ways. The benefits include:

  • Efficacy (according to research, online counseling sessions are just as effective as in-person)
  • Improved access for people with limited mobility due to health reasons
  • Improved access for people who live in rural areas
  • High client satisfaction  
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Privacy and anonymity 
  • Ability to travel without missing appointments
  • Quick, convenient access to your therapist when you need them
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • High comfort levels
  • No germ exposure
  • Minimizes the time you have to take off work
  • Ease of getting several people in one place (online) for group therapy sessions

Preparing for Your First Online Counseling Session with Thriveworks

If you’ve never done online counseling before, you may feel nervous about the technology. The staff at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX can help you and reassure you every step of the way. Here are a few things you can expect from your online counseling appointment:

  1. Video conferencing technology that’s easy to use. If you know how to open your email and click a link, then you can install our secure telehealth software. 
  2. Intimacy. When you’re speaking to a therapist from your home environment, surrounded by your familiar things, where you feel most comfortable, you may find that it’s easier to open up emotionally. 
  3. Health insurance coverage. Most health insurance plans cover Thriveworks online counseling sessions in Corpus Christi, TX, making them highly affordable. 

As for treatment, clients at Thriveworks can expect to receive the same caliber of treatment online as they can in-person. The licensed online counselors at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX can use popular, evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The licenced online psychiatrists at Thriveworks can modify medication doses and more. 

Discover the Convenience of Online Counseling at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX

If you’ve never tried online counseling before, now is the time. The virtual mental health providers at Thriveworks in Corpus Christi, TX make it painless and easy to get started. When you call our office during our extended business hours, we can schedule you for your first online session with your therapist in as few as 24-48 hours. Our staff can answer all your questions about insurance coverage, our types of providers, and benefits. You can also book quickly online. At Thriveworks, our sessions begin early or on-time over 97% of the time. You can also access your counselor by email or phone between sessions. 

Call us now to discover all the benefits of online counseling in the telehealth age. We can’t wait to help you get started achieving your goals!

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