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Insomnia Counseling and Therapy in Chelsea, MA

Rob has been awake for most of the night. He is watching infomercials and the clock tick slowly from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Every night, Rob has difficulty falling asleep. Some nights, it takes him five or six hours to go to sleep. Some nights, Rob cannot fall asleep at all. He is tired and wants to sleep, but he does not know what will help.

Can you relate to Rob? If you know what it’s like to need sleep but not get it, you may be one of many people who suffer with insomnia. You are not alone as you experience the difficulties of sleep disruption. Desperate for help, many people try home remedies, or they find online advice about managing the insomnia. These solutions are often well intentioned but ill informed. Instead, many people have received informed guidance on restoring their restful nights by seeking professional help.

Insomnia counseling offers a more thorough alternative to home remedies. A trained insomnia therapist can apply multi-faceted treatment. First, insomnia therapist often equip their clients with sleep plans—daily habits that promote sleep. Second, insomnia therapy goes deep, exploring and treating insomnia’s cause.

Insomnia therapists at Chelsea, MA utilize this multi-faceted treatment. They want to help their clients, working to optimize nighttime sleep.

What Causes Insomnia?

While insomnia can occur as its own health problem, it often accompanies a deeper issue.

Insomnia is often a side effect of mental and physical health problems or changes. Hyperthyroidism, depression, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and menopause can spark sleep disturbances.

Stress is also linked closely to insomnia. During major life transitions or challenges, people frequently experience disrupted sleep.

Unfortunately, problems sleeping at night can show up as difficulties during the day.


Jenna works three nights a week as a nurse. Her family and friends mostly work during the day, so getting enough rest has always been difficult. But recently, it has been nearly impossible. Jenna can fall asleep easily after her shift, but now she wakes up after just an hour or two of sleep—not nearly what she needs.

Jenna is trying to carry on with her normal daily life, but she is so tired. The lack of sleep is starting to affect her work, and she has made a few errors. Also, she almost ran off the road while driving home from her last shift.

Side Effects of Insomnia

Jenna is experiencing insomnia’s difficult side effects. People who experience sleep disruptions at night may face …

  • Greater risk for physical and mental health problems such as depression, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • An increase in feelings of irritability or anger.
  • Loss of memory and difficulty focusing.

Chelsea, MA’s insomnia therapists have helped many clients find relief from these side effects.

Is your daily life harder because you are not getting the sleep you need at night? If you are ready for professional help managing your insomnia, Chelsea, MA has appointments available for insomnia therapy.

The Benefits of Insomnia Therapy

Our therapists work with their clients to treat insomnia on two-fronts. First, our therapists may teach their clients healthy sleep habits—daily practices that facilitate nighttime sleep. Second, our professionals may treat insomnia’s underlying cause, helping many clients sustain healthy sleep patterns for the long-term.

Healthy Sleep Habits

Our therapists and their clients often work closely together, customizing healthy habits that meet the client’s specific sleep needs. Healthy sleep habits are daily practices that optimize a person’s chances for sleep. Cultivating these habits may mean …

  • Adjusting Your Sleep Environment — A bedroom’s light, sounds, and temperature can affect a person’s sleep. With the help of a professional, many people have changed their sleep environment to make it more conducive for rest.
  • Diet and Exercise Changes — Limiting alcohol or caffeine consumption has helped many people sleep better. Similarly, exercising more or earlier in the day can boost a body’s ability to fall asleep.
  • Learning a Meditation Routine — with the guidance of a professional, people can learn what their body needs to fall asleep. A nightly meditation routine has helped many people they can guide their thoughts and bodies toward relaxation and sleep.

Sustainable, Healthy Sleep

Treating the sleep disturbance without treating its cause may not bring sustainable relief. With their expertise and training, our therapists have help many identify insomnia’s root cause and find effective treatment for any deeper issues.

Root causes of insomnia may include …

  • Negative Belief Patterns — After struggling with lack of sleep for a while, people may fall into negative belief patters such as I will get regular sleep again or My sleep disruption cannot be treated because I am just a bad sleeper. These beliefs often exacerbate the insomnia, leaving people hopeless. However, they are not true. Our therapists have helped many clients replace negative belief patterns with positive, rational beliefs.
  • Anxiety — Anxiety disorders, such as PTSD, frequently trigger insomnia as a side effect. If the sleep disruption is linked to anxiety or another medical issue, then our therapists also work to treat the foundational medical issue.

Is It Time to Get Professional Help?

Our therapists have helped many clients work their way back toward restful sleep. Contending with insomnia is hard, but our professionals are eager to help.

Our office accepts many insurance providers, and our therapists offer after-hours and weekend appointments. We do not have a waitlist because we think you have waited long enough to get the help you need. Chelsea, MA’s insomnia therapists have appointments available.

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