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Conversations didn’t use to be so tough. Heightened emotions didn’t use to come so quickly. Tension didn’t use to be so high. Your relationship used to be all about patience, understanding, and kindness. What happened to that? Your goal is to get your marriage back to the way it was when you and your spouse first said your vows. But is this a viable mission?

What you must realize is that every marriage grows through seasons of conflict and struggle. The perfect marriage just doesn’t exist, and that’s okay! Because all of the challenges that you face and overcome serve to make your relationship stronger. That said, if you’re worried about a current issue in your relationship and you aren’t sure how to solve it, there is help available. In fact, there are experts who specialize in helping couples to work through challenges and improve their marriage: These experts are called marriage therapists.

“A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and a promise to never give up on each other.” –Surabhi Surendra

Are you worried about a current conflict in your relationship? Do you think that you and your spouse could benefit from an outsider’s perspective and guidance? Consider working with a marriage therapist at Thriveworks Centennial. We have marriage therapists on staff who have the right skills, training, and experience to assist you. They can help you with a wide range of problems, including jealousy, lack of intimacy, differences in parenting, financial strife, and more. When you are ready to schedule your appointment, just give Thriveworks Centennial a call at (720) 808-5099. We’re excited to get started.

How Can Marriage Counseling Help Us?

Let’s be clear: marriage counseling isn’t a quick fix or fast track to a perfect relationship. Remember what we said earlier—the perfect relationship doesn’t exist! Marriage counseling can, however, provide the following:

  • A Safe Space to Talk: Disagreements aren’t a bad thing. In fact, they can actually signify a healthy relationship, in which both parties feel comfortable talking about their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.
  • Support: In any given marriage or relationship, both partners are important and all of their needs should be voiced as well as honored. A marriage therapist can help both partners to feel supported as they communicate with each other. They can also help to prevent or fix the problem of one spouse feeling disrespected.
  • Increased Awareness: Too often, one spouse (or both) is completely unaware of the things they are doing that hurt their marriage. Spotting these patterns takes a lot of self-awareness and introspection, which is difficult. The good news, though, again is that a marriage therapist can help.

To sum it up, marriage counseling can help you fix your marriage where it falls short. If you think you could find any value at all in working with a relationship expert, reach out to Thriveworks Centennial.

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If you want to see what marriage counseling is all about, reach out to Thriveworks Centennial. Our marriage therapists want to meet you. Here are a few challenges that our providers have helped their clients work through in counseling:

  • Infidelity: If cheating has disrupted your relationship, you might be lacking trust in your marriage. Fortunately, marriage counseling has helped other couples just like you to work through this issue and strengthen their relationship.
  • Constant arguing: A common problem in marriages is constant arguing. When tensions are high, you’ll more quickly experience conflict. Again, a marriage therapist can help you figure out why there is a tense dynamic and how you can get back to a happy, healthy normal again.

We want to help you heal your marriage and build the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. And our marriage therapists have the exact skills and experience to do so. If you think you could find any value in working with a relationship expert, reach out to Thriveworks Centennial. Give us a call at (720) 808-5099. We are ready to help.

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