Trauma Therapists and Counselors in Centennial, CO—Therapy, Counseling

Trauma Therapists and Counselors in Centennial, CO—Therapy, Counseling

Trauma is a distressing experience that causes an individual negative psychological effects. These events can vary greatly; examples include: physical as well as emotional abuse, natural disasters, military combat, the death of a loved one, a car accident or plane crash, and getting bullied. A wide range of experiences can prove traumatic and have a long or lasting impact on the individual who witnessed it.

Fortunately, therapy proves effective in treating victims of trauma as well as those who developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the aftermath. Several forms of therapy are particularly effective, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (trauma focused), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and psychodynamic psychotherapy. In any case, if you have experienced trauma, trauma therapy can prove to help you to better manage your trauma symptoms, come to terms with your experience, and ultimately live better.

“I am better off healed than I ever was unbroken.” –Beth Moore

Did you bear witness to a traumatic experience? Are you struggling to go about your normal life due to harmful symptoms that stem from trauma? Consider partnering up with a trauma therapist at Thriveworks Centennial. These providers possess the skills, training, and experience that will enable them to help you with the healing process. These caring experts are ready and eager to assist you. If you think that you could benefit from trauma therapy, as so many others have, give Thriveworks Centennial a call at (720) 808-5099. One of our scheduling specialists will walk you through the easy process that is setting up your appointment with a trauma therapist.

Signs and Symptoms of Trauma, PTSD

There are specific symptoms that one must experience to get formally diagnosed with PTSD, according to standards set by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). While symptoms can vary slightly on a person to person basis, here’s a list of common symptoms:

  • Distressing memories about the traumatic experience
  • Flashbacks that make the individual feel like they are experiencing the trauma all over again
  • Psychological distress that comes from triggers, which remind the individual of the traumatic event
  • Trouble sleeping (e.g., falling or staying asleep)
  • Lack of interest in activities the individual used to enjoy
  • Feelings of detachment from normal day to day activities and loved ones
  • Inability to feel happiness, fulfillment, excitement, and other positive emotions
  • Reckless or self-destructive behavior

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms in your day to day? Are you struggling to find happiness and enjoyment in your life? If so, a trauma therapist at Thriveworks Centennial can help you to manage your symptoms and live better again. We’re ready to get started whenever you are. Just give Thriveworks Centennial a call.

How Does Trauma Therapy Work?

As we mentioned above, there are several types of therapy that can help victims of trauma and individuals with PTSD. You could benefit from CBT, EMDR, psychodynamic psychotherapy, or another form of trauma therapy, depending on your specific experience, symptoms, and needs. A great place to start is thinking about what goals you have for trauma therapy. For example:

  1. Accepting the reality of your trauma
  2. Learning to better manage symptoms
  3. Building self-confidence again
  4. Improving day to day living
  5. Feeling excited about the future

Think about your objectives for trauma therapy and then communicate these to your provider. They will combine all of the information you provide them with you develop the best possible treatment plan for your case. This might involve detailing your traumatic experience, exploring triggers, and identifying harmful relationships.

Schedule a Trauma Therapy Appointment at Thriveworks Centennial Today

Trauma therapy is an effective form of treatment for victims of trauma. If you have experienced a traumatic event and are struggling as a result, reach out to Thriveworks Centennial. We have providers who specialize in helping clients to heal and move forward from trauma.

Give Thriveworks Centennial a call at (720) 808-5099. This will take you directly to a scheduling specialist who can help you complete the simple scheduling process. We can’t wait to hear from you and to get started on this important journey together.

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